so it begins.

hey folks!

So after much frustration trying to set up this dang blog, I’m finally writing my first post!  I’m not a pro at this yet, so be nice!  I’m still getting used to being a writer, so you’ll have to deal with my incessant use of commas.  I guess a little introduction is in order if you don’t know me personally:

I’m Kaylee. This is me.

I’m a junior in Apparel Merchandising at Iowa State.  I love music (Beatles anyone?), fitness, food, fashion, and even more than fashion itself, creating it.  I have a love/hate relationship with sewing itself, but I love the process of idea to sketch to pattern to finished garment.  I don’t actually have formal training in pattern making, so my design-capades are definitely an experience.

I can’t really pinpoint my style or my inspiration.  I’m like the melting pot of styles.  For example, currently I’m obsessed with pastels.  Pastel nail polish, pastel shoes, pastel pants, everything. I love lace and feminine detailing like pleating and ruffles. On the other hand, my favorite shirt is my dear friend Samantha’s hand me down Led Zeppelin tee and I pair it with my leather jacket just about everyday in the fall.  I change my mind so much its obnoxious.

This leads me to my newest project.  Although I switch things up often, I usually stick to my neutral colors, a cardigan, some high-waisted shorts and my TOMS. I hate flashy things and the color pink.  I’d choose pearls over diamonds any day.  That’s why my next project is so interesting.

I have a giant box in my room full of scrap fabric that I so kindly took off Camanche High School’s hands my senior year.  Among this mix of fabrics is everything from leftover taffeta from my prom dress to a safari printed linen.  But, of course the fabric that I thought I’d never (I mean never) use inspired my newest project.

Yupp, it’s that hideously obnoxious sequined hot pink synthetic on the left.  After completely throwing out the idea of ever using it, (I mean it does look like a dance costume off of Toddlers&Tiaras) it dawned on me how stellar it would look on a skirt.  Don’t go jumping to conclusions, yet.  I thought I could spruce up the idea of the fitted black mid-waisted skirt with some pizzazz.  And by pizzazz, I mean glitter fabric.  I can make it striped and it would be great for fun occasions.  Yes, Victoria’s Secret can be prepared to see it every day of Semi-Annual next January!

Sequin Skirt

I know it’s nothing too special, but this one will be pattern making from scratch again.  I’ll get some good use out of my form and hopefully I’ll get a great little party skirt out of it.

Just like my writing, I’m in no way a pro.  I’ll make some (or a lot) of mistakes and maybe it won’t turn out how I planned, but nothing ever really does, does it?

That’s all for today,



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