lesson learned.

I apologize.

I had every intention of writing two more posts by this point in time.  With work, my two online classes, and Father’s Day festivities, I have been completely swamped.  I have been trying to work ahead in my “math” class, since it is self-paced, to free up some of my time to work on projects, and perhaps, to even have a social life (gasp!).  I normally wouldn’t complain about taking a math class because I love math.  I really do.  But let me tell you:  this is NOT math.  Learning how the ancient Chinese folk used to write numbers is not math. I even told my professor that in a journal post.  She isn’t particularly fond of me.

Today I did manage to clear some time in my iCalendar (oh, the iCalendar…) today to hang out with my dear friend Abby.  Although, I should probably mention we spent 75% of the time doing homework.  When she was over, she asked to see my skirt.  I hadn’t worked on it at all.  Whoops.  So, she inspired me to put off Probabilities for another few hours and start my sequin skirt.

I learned three things today.

1.  Jersey is an absolute bitch to work with. (Sorry, Mom. It’s the only way to put it.)

2. Only certain threads work on knits.

3. Not to brag, but I am a remarkable top-stitcher.

All I needed to do today was cut out the stripes for the front of the skirt, sew them together, and topstitch.  I also sewed the band to the back of the skirt and topstitched.  Sounds simple, right?  I wish it were so simple.  It was like amateur hour in here.  I spent all day trying to think of a witty and clever metaphor to describe how awful Jersey is.  It didn’t go well (see above).

The bottom thread I used, that I happened to grab out of my Mom’s sewing box, is apparently too thick for knits and will ruche your fabric for you.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  So, today mostly consisted of lots and lots of seam ripping.  At this point, I wanted to call it quits for the day, but I decided I better go ahead and topstitch anyway.  It was semi-state of the art work on my part.  Some of the straightest lines I’ve ever seen.  Almost made up for the fact that I made every mistake in the book today.

Phenomenal topstitching skills

The skirt is coming together pretty quickly.  I have the front striped panel completed and the back done as well.  All I need to do now is fit them, sew it together, put lining in and finish the hems and I’ll have myself a little, obnoxious, disco ball of a skirt.

Left: Front Skirt Panel
Right: Back Skirt Panel

Well, that’s about it.  Nothing too exciting, yet.  It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m making progress.  Hopefully I’ll get some time early next week to finish it up!



Any thoughts?

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