you only live once

Hey Folks.

This is actually my second time writing this blog post since WordPress thought it would be suitable to delete all of my text when I added a picture. Lovely.

Basically, I’ll sum this up the best I can.  I had the craziest weekend.  I drove up to Ames on Thursday and stayed with my wonderful friend Abby.  Abby is a style guru for College Fashionista and decided to profile me for her next article.  We took a bunch of pictures on campus on Friday morning and it was super fun.  Here are a couple of the good ones:

Courtesy of Abby McVicker

Courtesy of Abby McVicker

See? How awkward and fun.  After the picture-taking nonsense, we headed to Minneapolis for the Foster the People concert. (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!)  The whole experience was surreal.  Seriously, surreal.  And I’m no stranger to the concert.  (Backstreet Boys and Jonas Brothers anyone?)  When we got into town, we ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory (Don’t get the greek salad. Just don’t do it.) and went shopping.  Afterwards, we headed over to the venue early and to our surprise, the line for general admission was pretty short.  Of course, the line in front of us doubled by the time the doors were opened.  Of course.  Once we were let in and showed them our “No Moshing” wristbands, I broke into a mad, I mean mad, dash towards the stage.  After being yelled at repeatedly to “WALK, I made it to the front and we ended up being in the third row of the pit!  Not too shabby for Kaylee.

Abby and I holding in our excitement.

Yupp.  Pretty legit, right?  The whole night seems like a blur.  Its definitely in the top two or three concerts I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to quite a few.  Kimbra opened and she was quirky and fantastic.  Tokyo Police Club were next and they were super chill and the lead singer has become my most recent object of online-stalking.  Foster the People was phenomenal.  Phenomenal doesn’t even cover it.  They were so high energy and just all-around great performers.  I mean, if your shirt unbuttons on its own just from making eye contact with Mark Foster, it kind of speaks for itself.  I could really talk about it all day, but that’s not what you’re here for.  But while you’re here, look at how close we were!  (Again, all pictures are courtesy of Abby McVicker.  I’m a dumbass and didn’t bring my camera in.)

Mark Foster kicking asses and taking names.

My husband kicking asses and taking names.

Cubbie…just taking names.

Mark Foster in the crowd.

Oh and did I forget to mention that Mark Foster basically jumped into the crowd during Pumped Up Kicks and I was literally a foot away from holding his hand? That. Just. Happened.

Alrighty.  With all of that being said, I didn’t have a whole ton of time to work on my skirt.  I did manage to fit the front and back and sew them together today.  Not a whole ton of progress, but all I have left is to fit the lining, sew the lining to the outside, and finish seams.

Fitting the skirt.

Fitted Skirt Sans Lining.

I know, its not terribly exciting.  I just can’t help but be happy with my weekend, so I’m not even that upset that my skirt has gotten the shaft this week.  On the bright side, I’ll be done with my math class in two days, so I’ll have plenty of time to bore you with my creations.  Stay tuned.



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