finish: to conclude; get done


Yes, that needed to be in all-caps.  Why, you ask? Because I finally finished the sequin skirt.  In addition to finishing the skirt, I am also done with satan’s math class, so I have a ton of time to work on crafts. Yay!

Today, I finally got around to fitting the lining to the form.  I had plenty of time to do that yesterday.  Or Friday.  Or even Thursday.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it since it’s such a hassle to keep refitting it between the form and my form.  It took probably an hour or so, but once that was done, it came together really quickly!

After the lining was sewn together, I sewed the top of the lining to the top of the skirt.  I then under-stitched the top seam, which, by the way, I am also phenomenal at.  Basically what I’m saying is I should be a professional top and under-stitcher.  Not a sewer in general, just the top and under-stitching.  Amidst all of the fittings and the fact I didn’t use a pattern, the lining ended up considerably longer than the skirt and the back of the skirt was shorter than the front. Figures.  As you’ll eventually figure out, I always have issues with lining.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a project where I haven’t jacked it up.  Oh well.  So I just did what any pro would do:  lopped it right off.  I know, so professional.

Now if you’re thinking this was all smooth-sailing, you would be terribly wrong.  Since I chose jersey, I figured I could get away with not putting a zipper in it.  I hate zippers and zippers hate me.  When I was doing all of the fittings, I didn’t have any issues getting the skirt on and off since its jersey and jersey is so stretchy.  But once I sewed the lining and the outside together at the top, I didn’t realize that the top seam would no longer stretch since thread does not stretch.  For you non-sewers out there, what I’m saying is that to get this skirt on, it’s a two-person job.  It won’t go over my hips (of course) and so I have to put it on over my head.  It’s not too bad getting it on (that’s what she said), but getting it off took about 4 or 5 minutes(that’s what she said). Oh, the price of looking flashy and obnoxious.

Because of the restricted stretching at the top of the skirt, I had to decide if I wanted to finish the bottom seams or not.  I’m not very good at finishing seams, but I was hesitant of sewing the hem and risking lack of stretch there too.  I made the executive decision to just leave the bottom as is for now.  It’s a clean cut and the fabric doesn’t easily fray.  If I need to go back later and do something to it, I will.  All I really cared about at this point was getting the skirt on and if I finished the bottom, it was a great possibility that wouldn’t happen.  Okay, I think I rambled enough.  Here it is!

I know, a bit overkill on the pictures.  There are like 15 more that I didn’t even put on here.  I just wanted to make sure I got a bunch of pictures in it, since I may never get that on over my head again.  And if I do, it may never come off.

So what did you think?  Of course it’s not perfect, since I can’t really pattern make, but I think it’s flashy and fun.  I’ll get some good use out of it during SAS at Victoria’s Secret and all sorts of other glittery occasions.  I’m just happy to get some practice at pattern-making and maybe get a cute skirt or two out of it.

I’ve got some big projects coming up, so stay tuned!



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