In general, 2012 has been a big year for me, self-esteem wise.  I have been riskier and ballsier than I’ve ever been.  Normally, I’m just your run of the mill pansy.  This year I wanted more.  I wanted to be more fun and just go for it.  And I have.  I started to sew again, as well as sketch and pattern make.  I began writing for TREND on campus as a menswear writer (thank you Ian for making me do it).  I started a blog, which I couldn’t bring myself to do before.  I even went on a date a couple weeks ago (for those who don’t know me, that is a rare occurrence).  What I’m saying is, I’m afraid of failure and I care way too much what others think of me, but I’m trying to change that.

When Emma Watson first got her pixie cut two years ago, I fell in love.  I already thought she was gorgeous and talented before, but this just made me love her even more.  The fact that she was confident enough to chop her hair off and still rock it amazed me.  Ever since, part of me wanted to do the same thing, but I never had the confidence to do it.  You see, my sister Mallory and I have chunky faces in comparison to our bodies.  Seriously.  Around October until March it looks like I’m storing a sizely supply of acorns in my cheeks alone.  This was one of the many reasons I put off cutting my hair.  Last August, Mal took the plunge and chopped hers off.  It looked fantastic.  This made me want to do it even more, but I was still hesitant.  Mal is a lot more petite than I am and I’m pretty tall, so I thought I’d look too big for a short cut.

Long story short, the other night I was trying to fall asleep and there was a giant, (I mean GIANT) black, furry spider on the ceiling directly over my face.  After a mad search for some sort of bug spray to kill it, I settled for shower cleaner and sprayed that sucker down and then mauled it with my MyMarketingLab access code CD case until it died.  This may seem not even worth mentioning to most, but this was a big feat for me.  I’m terrified of spiders.  I could have just as easily gone upstairs and made my dad kill it while I hide in the other room.  But I didn’t.  Ballsy.

So that’s when I realized, no matter how scared I may be, I can do anything.  So I did it.



Scary, right?  It was kind of liberating.  I realize all this chatter isn’t about sewing, but “ballsy” has a double meaning in this post.  In between projects, I decided that I wanted a chunky necklace.  I hadn’t really seen any anywhere that I liked.  My mindset lately has been if it’s something that looks like I could make myself, I won’t buy it.  If it’s way out of my range, it’s worth the buy.  I figured, how hard could it be to make a necklace?  Surprisingly, not very.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some wooden beads (beads-balls-ballsy. get it?) of two different sizes.  I picked up some mint green craft paint and used cording and a clasp that I already owned from previous jewelry projects.

Supplies: Wooden Beads, Paint, Varnish, Cording, Clasp, Craft Glue, and Wiring.

I just hung the beads on tooth picks and painted them, letting them dry on the toothpicks across plastic cups.  I did 2 coats on each bead.

Beads after painting; before varnishing.

To get the beads to shine, I used some of my mom’s varnish (we’re a crafty fam and always have stuff like that lying around the house).  I did two coats of varnish as well and let them dry for about an hour.  Once they were completely dry, I strung the cording around the clasp and wrapped wire around the cording near the clasp to hold it in place.  I then slid the beads onto the cording, wrapping wire around the following end as well.  The loose ends I dipped in craft glue, then dropped some glue into the remaining clasp.  I slid the loose ends into the clasp and let it dry.  A few hours later, I had a Flintstone-style necklace.  I also had left over beads and used them to make a bracelet!  Score.  

Sliding the beads onto the cording.

All done!

Pretty cute, right?  The best part was how cheap and easy it was to make, not to mention quick!  If you’re wondering if I’ll get back to more fun projects involving sewing anytime soon, yes I will.  I have a few sketches that I’m still debating between for my next project.  After the 4th of July, I’ll upload some sketches and hopefully start a dress this weekend!  Brace yourself for more mishaps, frustration, and ramblings to come.



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