trial and error

I had an unusually eventful week recently with my new haircut, driving to Davenport for a 4th of July cookout, seeing an old friend, watching an awful movie (New Year’s Eve. I don’t recommend it.), finishing one project, and starting another project.  Although I still am working on my marketing class, I am loving the sheer abundance of free time I have.  I’ve been speeding through Desperate Housewives (I’m on the finale of season 7! AH!) and sketching some new designs.  I had already bought the fabric a few weeks ago for one of the designs, so I settled on that one next.  

It’s going to be a black fitted dress with a lace cut out and Peter Pan collar.  This time, I’m working off of a basic pattern, but I’m working in the lace cut out and collar myself.  This is going to be interesting for many reasons:

1) I’ve never done a collar before.

2) I’m relatively new at working with lace.

3) The pattern goes up to a size 12 (for pattern sizing) and I’m a 14.

4) It’s unlined and I haven’t ever made anything unlined before, because…

5) I don’t own a serger.

I cut out the pieces yesterday and sewed the front pieces together today.  I darted the bodice and top-stitched all of the front seams.

Cutting out the pieces.

Darts in the bodice.

The lace cut out.

Funny thing about that cut out…it’s a lot bigger than I originally thought.  Even after cutting out that specific piece, I tried to make the lower part of the skirt come up higher to make it not quite as extensive.  I normally wouldn’t mind so much, but it appears that it’s going to cut pretty low on the side down below my hip bone.  As if this dress wasn’t already doomed.

It’s ironic that although I don’t actually know how to correctly pattern make, I prefer it to working off of a store-bought pattern.  I feel like these patterns aren’t given much attention because no matter how I cut the pieces, they never match up.  Ever.  So the fact that I had to cut the pieces slightly larger just hoping that it might fit me, isn’t helping my cause. I’m well aware that this could be something I may never end up wearing.  It’s probably going to be too small with a lace cut out too large that it will be the definition of risqué.  See for yourself.

Front of dress minus the collar.

You can see how rough it looks.  I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have to rip out the topstitching and rip the lace section out to add a cream lining behind it.  That may be the case though.  Tomorrow, I’m planning on sewing the back and if it doesn’t fit or it’s too skanky, I’ll have to rip it all out and start over. Yay for trial and error…

Cross your fingers for me.



Any thoughts?

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