crafting conglomeration

A few hours ago, I had to get a cavity filled.  Normally, I skip the Novocain and stick it out.  This happened to be my first cavity since moving to Danville, so this is a new dentist.  Before I knew what they were even doing, they stabbed me with a needle, and now, three hours later, my face is still numb and drooping like Joan Rivers.  I’m trying to eat some Cheerios, but my tongue makes everything taste hot.

Cheerios+Strawberries+Milk=Hot=Bad News.

Since I’m not suitable to the outside world, I thought I’d put the finishing touches on some of my recent crafts.  Late last week, I got on this huge craft kick.  I started going through my closet and weeding out clothes ( I also was on a cleaning kick. Figures.) and found a dress that my mom had worn to chaperone my sister’s prom many years ago.  It happens to fit me reasonably well nowadays, with the exception of it being a little big under the arms and way too long.  Since I’m taller than my mom, it is not a full-length dress on me like it was on her.  It cuts at an awful angle on my calves.  I figured it was a classy enough dress that I should hold onto it just in case.  I finally decided after making it through many weed-throughs, that I should just alter it and make it wearable.

Isn’t that cut just horrible on my calves? Yikes!

It probably took 30 minutes tops to alter it.  I cut 11 inches off of the bottom, pinned it under, ironed, pinned it under again, ironed again, then sewed!  It didn’t turn out too bad!  It’s more of my style now and since its such a classic fit, I will get a ton of use out of it!

After! Cute, eh?

Now onto project number two!  I get my craftiness from my mom, as she is always refinishing old furniture, spray painting lamp bases, or working on her newest venture, her Names In Frames.  Recently, she had been taking glass vases and pouring various colors of paint inside and swirling it around, to get a super sweet decorative vase!  I personally love drinking strawberry Crush from the glass bottle.  Its delicious, its good for me, its the perfect way to start the day.  I’ve held onto a few of the bottles, thinking I could do something crafty with them eventually.  I thought this would be a cute idea for little decorative pieces to spruce up my all-too-plain apartment at school.  I used mint, lavender, gold, and a shimmery blue.  I found that shimmery colors blend better, so you don’t have to use as much.  Flip it upside down onto a paper plate or into a plastic dixie cup to drain out the extra paint.  I did mine four or five days ago and the paint inside is still pretty wet.  Lesson learned:  a little goes a long way.  I painted a washer with contrasting colors and then tied it around the bottle with some cording.  I, of course, dropped the ball and forgot to take a before picture, but you get the gist.

It’s a peculiar color combination, but I kind of like it! If you try this one yourself, beware that the colors bleed into each other quite a bit.

While working on the bottle, I started project number three!  A few months ago, I went to a cute second-hand store in downtown Burlington and found some ugly tin containers.  (Dolphins, Santa, and faded florals anyone?)  I’ve been needing a way to organize some of my accessories and I figured I could spruce these up in no time.  Again, I dropped the ball on a before picture (I really suck at this DIY thing) but I did manage to remember one before I painted all of them.

Semi-Before: Yes, I painted the gold one. The other two just have primer on them.

As you can tell, the gold one has a raised up design in the center.  I thought this one would be cool if it had an antique-y vibe.  I painted it gold, then after it dried, I painted it lavender. After the lavender dried, I sanded it down, to show some of the gold on the textured top, as well as the sides.  I made the mistake of doing two coats of lavender, when it really only needed one.  This made it very difficult to sand down.

The tin after it was painted lavender, but before sanding it down.

The other two I painted solid black.  Since they had flat surfaces, I could easily mod podge a picture or paper onto the lids.  I’ve used pictures on previous projects, but this time I found some cool scrapbook paper.  I cropped it to size, mod podged the back of the paper, smoothed it onto the lid, and then brushed a layer over the top to hold it in place.  After all of the projects dried, my mom was kind enough to spray a varnish on them. (Thanks, Mom!)

Not as much gold showed through as I had hoped, but it still has an antique-like feel.

They turned out really well! Such an easy day-project.

A great and stylish way to organize your accessories and jewelry!

I love how they turned out.  They will make my apartment look a little more polished, but also will provide a great source of storage and organization.  Now, you’re probably getting fussy, but I promise, there is only one more project!  As the failure I am, I never took a before picture. (I know; don’t quit my day job.)  I bought this small wooden chest from Hobby Lobby for $4.99.  Unlike the tins, this was actually spray painted black, rather than hand painted, which was quicker and much easier.

This is the best before shot I have. When I bought it, it was unfinished, plain wood.

I sanded down the nailheads and the lock after it was painted to get some of the black off.  I found some scrapbook paper that I really liked, cropped it and mod podged it, just like the projects above.   Since this wasn’t a flat surface, I had to make sure that it stuck down for a while before I put a layer across the top.  After it dries, just spray on some varnish and you’re done!

Top view.

I used it to organize my 400+ flashcards for textile science in alphabetical order. This will come in handy in the future.

I truly applaud you if you made it all the way through this post. (Sorry for the length [that’s what he said]) Besides letting paint dry, none of these projects took more than an hour to do!  The chest and tins are very easy ways to decorate and organize at a low cost.  The painted bottles are an easy way to reuse old vases or soda bottles to hold loose change in, or just for decoration.

Thanks for sticking it out!







Any thoughts?

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