wrigley and water parks and weddings, oh my!


*Big, giant, never-ending sigh*

Whew.  It’s been a very long week.  I think that this is the first time I’ve actually sat down for longer than fifteen minutes, not being in a car.  My family isn’t like the average family that can just take a two week vacation whenever, and wherever in the summer.  My dad is a superintendent and works year-round.  Steph teaches dance camps in the summer.  Mallory is in grad-school, so she takes classes and works in the summers.  I also take classes and work during the hot months.  In summary:  it is not an easy task planning a family vacation.

After planning around conflicts, work, and classes, we shoved our family vacation into three days, with a wedding at the end of the week in Wisconsin.  Long story, short:  we fit a baseball game, a musical, shopping, Navy Pier, Noah’s Ark, mini-golf, a wedding, a family picnic, seven games of euchre, and over 24 hours of driving into a week’s time.

Let The DeLacy Family Vacation 2012:  An Overview, begin!

One of the many annoying things about moving to Danville, is the driving distance from just about anywhere.  It is a longer drive to the QC, to school, to our grandparents’, and to Chicago.  On Monday morning, we drove to Davenport to pick up Mal and Steph, then drove into Chicago.  After multiple stops, a bus ride, and much car-sickness later, we made it to Wrigley Field that night.  Before the Cubs-bashing begins, let me preface this by saying that I really don’t care about baseball.  Over the years, we’ve gone to nearly a dozen different pro baseball games and I still don’t care who wins.  That being said, it was a pretty awesome game.  I was expecting it to be a total massacre, since the Cubs have really blown it this year.  But, at the game we went to, they just so happened to smash the Pirates 14-4.  Not too shabby for Kaylee.

Cubs vs. Pirates; 6.30.12

Steph and myself at the game.

My dad and sisters after the win!

The next day, we went into the city to shop.  We did a surprisingly little amount of shopping, and a lot of standing around, getting sunburnt at Navy Pier, arguing, and walking around aimlessly for blocks on end.  I personally don’t like Navy Pier very much.  It’s crowded, hot, there are kids EVERYWHERE, and its boring if you’ve been there multiple times.  We wasted pretty much our whole morning there, and then getting lost trying to find H&M.  That night we went back into the city to see Rock of Ages, the musical. It was surprisingly very hilarious, raunchy, and punny.  My parents loved it.  We loved it.  I would recommend it.  Although, I may suggest not seeing it with your parents.

Mallory, me, and Stephanie at Navy Pier.

Navy Pier.

My dad, sisters, and I at Rock of Ages.

Sisters at Rock of Ages

On Wednesday, we shopped for a few hours in Schaumburg, stopped by Davenport to drop Mal and Steph off and drove home.  At this point, I’ve probably been in a car over twelve hours or so.  On Thursday morning, we picked Mallory up, and drove up to Minnesota.  Thursday was probably the most relaxing day of the week.  We sat around and played six-handed euchre with my grandparents (I came out + $ .10!) and spent the night at my Cool Aunt Sarah’s new house.  On Friday morning, my dad, sisters, myself, Sarah, and the triplets drove up to the Dells and spent nearly eight hours at Noah’s Ark.  My feet have never felt so raw in my life.  <==The sign of a good day.  Afterwards, we went to Pirate’s Cove to mini-golf.  Pirate’s Cove is like the playground of my childhood dreams. Pure awesome.

Before the water-sliding and wave-pooling began.

Pirate’s Cove.
Excuse the chlorine-d, nappy hair.

On Saturday, we got ready for my cousin Chris’s wedding.  I love our family weddings.  We usually have at least one each summer, since there are probably 70+ cousins and second cousins on that side of the family.  I was especially excited for this one, since Chris is one of my favorites and he is just such a fun guy.

After a wedding, everyone usually says how beautiful it was and how they loved certain aspects, whether it be the dress, colors, decorations, etc., regardless if they do or not.  I’m normally the same way, except that this wedding was different.  I didn’t have to lie once.  This was hands-down, the most beautiful wedding I’ve been to.  The decorations were fantastic, the food was delicious, the wedding party looked sharp, and the bride’s dress was one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen.  And of course, I caught wedding fever and want to get married right now.  That’s the thing about our giant family.  There is a wedding every year, but next year, there isn’t one.  All of the relatives are plotting who will be next, and asking if it will be a DeLacy.  But sadly, it will not be.  I don’t even care about the actual “getting married”, I just want to have a wedding.  They’re so fun!

Chris walking down the aisle with his parents.

My family at the reception.

Chris and I at the reception.

Ah! I get so excited just looking back at the pictures.  I am so happy for Chris and Alyssa.  It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception.  It was a great way to end the week.  On Sunday, our family had a giant picnic, allowing us to mingle with those we didn’t get a chance to at the wedding.  My dad, sister, a few cousins, and I played euchre for the majority of it (Hence why I have no pictures from the occasion).  I seriously have the best family.  I know everyone says that, but I actually do.

Best Men Kevin and Sean giving their speech. (Kevin as Chris, Sean as Alyssa)
I mean seriously, you can’t beat this.


Me, Sam, Gaby, Alex, and Maddie goofing around. Best kids ever.

Alright, it’s time for my day-long nap after this crazy week.  Sorry for the sheer amount of pictures, I just get excited.  One more big “Congratulations” to Chris and Alyssa!  And one more giant “Hell Yeah” to having the greatest family ever.

Alright, I promise.  I’m really done now.



Any thoughts?

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