oh hey there, mr. president

Wow.  The past week and a half has been one giant blur.  I’m starting to get into a routine with classes and my extras start this week.  I had my first Trend meeting tonight and my first isdstyle meeting is tomorrow.  Yes, it’s only been seven days of class so far, but quite frankly, I’m exhausted.

Today was not just a regular, run of the mill Tuesday.  No, it was much, much more.  An event so important was occurring on campus that I skipped TC 231 (Manufacturing) and I don’t ever skip class, especially manufacturing.

Barack Obama came to Iowa State.  Eeek!

Now I’m going to forewarn you conservatives out there:  I am liberal.  I support Barack Obama 100%.  I have stayed away from politics on my blog up to this point, since they’re fairly unrelated to making clothes and I don’t want to piss people off (to put it delicately).  So if you’re a big, giant Obama-hater, just stop reading. Now.  Kapeesh?

Alright, let the little girl freak out begin…

Ticket pick up to see Obama was this past Saturday at the MU.  I waited over an hour in the pouring rain.  Although it was totally worth it, I thought I had seen the worst of it.  Today, “doors” (although it was outside and there were no actual doors) opened at 10:30 and he was to speak around 1:10ish.  I got in line with my friend Dylan around 9.  We probably were several hundred back in line, but it’s good we got there when we did.  The line behind us did not look so pretty.

The line behind us.

It doesn’t look too bad in the picture, but it wrapped around the corner, down that entire road, and around another corner.  I knew I’d be in line forever and I knew it’d be hot out.  Hell, I know what an Iowa August is like.  I’ve survived twenty of them.  But going from 60 degrees and raining to 93 degrees and no breeze, well, I wasn’t too pleased.  In a nutshell, I sweat out half my weight, I really tested the limits of dehydration, and 16 oz. water bottles just don’t cut it.

We finally got in and were put in a “student section” filled with people who wore ISU colors.  We were excited at first since we’d apparently be on national television and be “close”.  I guess I can’t complain too much, because we were technically close.  What they didn’t tell us is that we’d be positioned all the way off to the side, when there were standing spots open right in the front of the stage.  We even were rebels and tried to duck the rope, but I’ve gotta tell ya, Obama volunteers are fiesty folks.

After we got our spots, it was another two hours of sitting in the heat.  Sitting with no breeze, no food, no technology, and really, really awful entertainment.  We did happen to see some secret service guys on the roof of Curtiss! That excitement lasted about three and a half minutes.

Snipers on Curtiss!

Dylan and I waiting for Obama.

At noon, people started giving speeches and what not (ISU Democratic president, a student body president, etc.).  Tom Harkin gave a good speech right before Obama’s, but it didn’t even compare to his.  Everyone in my family has gotten a chance to see Barack except for me.  Even the friends I went with to see him today had already seen him previously.  I was so excited, words can not even explain.  I’m pretty sure that if I did manage to get on national television, it would just show me smiling like a goon, in a total daze, from a combination of him speaking and the heat.  And maybe drooling a little. Only a little.

Senator Harkin.

Regardless of if you’re an Obama supporter or not, you have to admit, he’s an excellent speaker.  There were plenty of republicans and non-supporters around me today, and let me tell you, he had everyone cheering.  Well, everyone except the ridiculously tacky and uncoordinated protest group outside of the venue.  He made an excellent and compelling speech, that convinced me even more that he needs a second term.  He touched on several topics, but the ones that stuck out to me were:  student loan interest rates, women’s health choices, fair pay equality, LGBT rights, and renewable energy.  I don’t think a student there could have argued with him about student loan rates.  No student wants to pay thousands of dollars extra, when we’re already drowning in debt.  I won’t go on too much more since my blog generally isn’t about politics, but in short, Obama’s speech=Pure awesome.

Me with my FORWARD sign. Made an excellent fan.

There he is!



One of my favorites!

Before today, he was already one of my icons, but after seeing him, he is such an inspiration to me as a student and a young adult.  I did take two videos, which turned out super well, but evidently I have to pay to upgrade my wordpress if I want to add videos. (Sorry! I’m only a poor college student!)

I took everything he said today to heart.  I will totally have his back this November, knowing he will have mine throughout the rest of my education.

moving #FORWARD,





Any thoughts?

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