hippie love.

So, it’s been two months and I’m just now getting used to my short hair.  I’m playing around with it more and seeing what I can do with it (which is not a lot).  At work this weekend, I was clearing off the cash wrap and found a stray bra strap/swim suit strap.  The good employee I am searched for its home with no luck.  After being a good employee for about two minutes, I decided to tie it around my head like a hippie.  To my surprise, it didn’t look half bad.  I was kinda digging it.  Then I forgot it was there.  And wore it all day at work.  And back at my apartment.  And then again today…

My roommates all abandoned me over this long, Labor day weekend and I was unbelievably bored.  I watched two seasons of Friends, cleaned my entire apartment, did laundry, worked ahead in my classes, watched two movies, and took a lot of naps.  Amidst all of the boredom, I kept playing with the headband.  Then I got out my craft box to see what I could come up with.  I used to make leather bracelets and I have a TON of cording from it, as well as two widths of wire, elastic, and a hot glue gun my mom just sent me (Thanks, Mom!!).  I was set.

Right after I cut my hair, I went to Claire’s to look at their hair accessories to see what I could pull off.  They had these braided leather headbands that I really liked.  They seemed easy enough to make, that I decided not to buy them.  I finally got around to it this weekend and let me tell you, it’s ridiculously easy.  I promise.

So this is what we’re going for.  This is my first one, and I only had one color of ribbon, so it doesn’t match the best.  Oh well.  Forewarning:  I made two of them, so the pictures may be confusing because they’re not of the same one.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-One to four colors of leather/suede cording (I used four)

-1″ thick ribbon

-thin craft wire

-3/8″ or larger elastic

-hot glue gun

Alrighty, let’s get started!  Pick your colors.  This type of braid uses seven strands, so I used double-length strands for three colors, and a single-length strand for the remaining color.  To get your length, fold the cording and wrap it around your head, adding two inches to the end.  Once you cut your first piece, cut two other colors the same length and the remaining color half the length.

Fold the three longer strands and lay them out with the single strand in the middle.  Wrap the top with a bit of wire to hold it together.  Then begin braiding.  The basic idea of braiding with seven strands is to always take the outside piece and cross it over to the middle.  To begin, take the farthest right strand and cross it over three strands.  Then take the farthest left strand and cross it over three strands.  Keep repeating this all of the way down the braid.  If I didn’t explain it well enough, there are tons of youtube videos on it.

Braiding Steps

When you’ve braided it all of the way down, wrap a little wire around the bottom to hold it together.  The rest of it comes together really quickly!  Hot glue the ends of the braid to the ends of the elastic.  Cut 2″ pieces of ribbon.  Hot glue the center of the ribbon over where the braid meets the elastic.  Do this on each side.  Then fold in one side of the ribbon and  glue it down.  On the loose end of ribbon, I folded under the raw edge and then hot glued it down, for a cleaner look.

Putting it all together.

It’s really that easy.  Depending how quickly you braid, this is easily a 20-30 minute project.  And the best part?  It’s no-sew!  All you need is a little glue to hold this bad boy together.  It turned out super cute and definitely fits the hippie-chic vibe of fall.  My beautiful friend Mary was nice enough to model one of the headbands.  Isn’t she adorable?

Mary modeling her new headband.

Notice the skirt? It’s my first project I put on my blog. If you missed it, look here



hippie chic.

See?  Super cute and it works for both long and short hair!  I know I’ll be rocking mine through the fall months this year.

Oh! And if you haven’t already followed my pinterest, I have my projects and DIYs on there too!

That’s all for today.




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