After a technically short, but extremely long week, I got to go home this weekend.  It’s been ridiculously relaxing.  I worked ahead on homework and readings for two weeks, so I wouldn’t have to do anything this weekend.  I actually managed to get everything done except my Trend article online, which I’m still neglecting at the moment.  Since I’ve gotten home, I’ve watched three episodes of Modern Family reruns, two LOST reruns from season two (Shannon just got shot! AHHHH!), a movie, and Barack’s speech at the DNC on DVR.  I cut my hair again and bleached it.  I snuggled with my kitties.  A lot.  I cooked a little, played five games of dirty clubs, and did a whole lot of nothing.

Amidst this crazy amount of doing nothing, I managed to finish my fall cape!!  All I had left was to make button holes, sew the buttons on, and hem the bottom!  I haven’t made button holes since my junior year of high school (I’m in my junior year of college, to give you a time frame), so I knew I was going to have issues.  After I spent a hour reading the instruction manuel, playing with my sewing machine, and yelling quite a bit of profanity, I finally figured out how to even go about doing it.  I practiced probably six times on scrap fabric before I was okay to do it on my cape.  The first one I made on my cape was absolutely perfect.  The second one, not so much.  The machine seemed to jam up a little which made the thread heavier with more height all the way around.  I didn’t feel like ripping it out, so I cut out the center anyway.  Turns out, you shouldn’t do that.  Long story short, fray check is my best friend and it’s a good thing the buttons I chose are so big, so it covers up the hole (that’s what she said).

There were two more buttonholes to make towards the bottom of the cape that would create “arms” of sorts.  Those turned out okay, but I accidentally made the pattern markings with a blue permanent marker.  I don’t really want to talk about it.

Also, tide-to-go pens don’t take out permanent marker.  They smear it.

After I made the button holes on the front of the cape, I had to sew the buttons on to the back and the inside.  The buttons that create the arms are back to back on the backside of the cape, one for decoration on the outside of the cape and one on the inside to go through the buttonhole on the front of the cape.  Once all of the buttons were secured, I hemmed the bottom (which took forever I might add), and I was done!  By the time I finished it was night time, so my mom took my pictures this morning.  It is gorgeous out, by the way, and it totally feels like fall, which was fitting for my cape.


The final product! (Also, notice the bleached hair!) I think it’s adorable, personally (The cape, not the hair. I’m not that vain.) .  What do you think?


The outdoor kitties attacking me.

The wingspan.

It’s pretty fly, right?  Yupp, I said fly.  I’m super excited for fall now!




7 thoughts on “capetastical

  1. Looks awesome! All that hard work has definitely been worth it :) And i guess you can always learn from your mistakes! :)

    I’ve been wanting a cape for a while, maybe i’ll just make myself one…

  2. Oh the joys of buttonholes. I unpicked a couple recently… worst job in the world! Your cape is absolutely gorgeous. Sooooo much more stylish than any one I’ve seen to date. :-)

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