wake me up when september ends.

Yupp, Green Day said it best.  Now, normally I’m not a hater of September.  Generally, I love September.  It’s the beginning of fall, pumpkin spice fraps are out, and all of my tv shows start up again.  Best time of the year, right?

I wish.

Normally during the school year, I’m a giant, stressed, mess of a person.  Usually, that doesn’t start until October.  Of course, it had to start early this year.  I have my first major exams this week, one in manufacturing and product development (bah!) and one in merchandising (ick!).  In addition to studying for those tests, my first rough draft of my Trend article is due tomorrow.  If it’s due tomorrow, then why am I writing here instead?

1. Writer’s block.

2. I’m being a little selfish right now, and I’m sick of writing about men at the moment.

3. I have a feeling that I’ll feel a smidgen better about everything if I can write it down and put it out in the open.

Alright, so let me update you on the goals I set just a little under a month ago for the semester.

1.  Keep my 4.0 GPA average.  So far, so good.  Granted, I’m only four weeks into school, but thus far I’ve managed to maintain all A’s.  We’ll see if that stays true after this weeks’ exams. Yikes!  Manufacturing makes me a little nervous since it’s a 4 credit class and I always manage to be the last person left in our labs.  It’s just SO much memorization. I also recently found out that Photoshop and I don’t get along.  Fingers crossed!

2.  Get an excellent internship.  So far, I’m on track.  Last week, I contacted the campus recruiter for Target and I applied for the internship online.  They are going to be at the career fair on campus next week.  I am so ridiculously nervous, I could just puke.  Everywhere.  (I know, I paint quite the picture.)  Target would be ideal since it’s in the midwest, I’d be relatively near most of my family, it’s in a great city, and they’re just an awesome company.  They’ve been at the top of my list for a long time, so hopefully I don’t screw things up next week!  Again, I’ll keep you posted!

3.  Stay in shape.  Overall, I haven’t been too bad.  I’ve managed to work out twice a week, usually once doing a workout video (jillian michaels, holla!), and once at State Gym with my wonderful motivator of a roommate, Kayla.  We’ve been waking up to walk/bike over a mile to State Gym at 6:30 in the morning, work out, then walk or bike back.  She even got me to go with her to artful yoga last week.  I was awful, just awful.  On the plus side, we got cookies afterward….then Hyvee Chinese.  Whoopsie.  I weighed myself when I was at home two weeks ago and I was about the same.  I feel like I’ve gained a ton of weight though.  I just have awful self image when I’m at school, especially when winter is approaching.  I know on my next goal setting update, I will probably freak out slightly about gaining so much weight, when in fact, I haven’t at all.  Slap me, will you?

4.  Apply for (and hopefully get) the YMA Fashion Scholarship.  Well, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but this goal is officially out.  Yes, I know I was totally determined and set on this one, and I really did have full intentions of doing it.  I emailed my advisor when the semester started to express interest and see if she knew what the case study project was. It wasn’t out yet, but a few weeks later she sent me the information.  I was so upset when I was reading over it.  Turns out, being a transfer student can screw you over in more ways than one.  Since I was a transfer, and even though I’m really far ahead in credits and academically, I’m a junior, I’m still in a couple of the sophomore-level apparel classes.  I’m currently taking Merchandising and I haven’t even taken Retail Math yet.  Reading over the case study, I realized I don’t even know how to go about doing it.  I haven’t learned enough yet.  I was pretty upset, because it would be such a great opportunity, but I just had to get over it.  I wouldn’t have stood a chance since I haven’t taken the right classes yet.  Oh well, this goal is out.

5.  I want to be better with my money.  Woof.  Well, I can tell you I have at least been thinking about my finances a lot this semester.  Enough to have multiple sobbing sessions over skype with my sisters.  Here’s the deal:  Victoria’s Secret has too many employees right now, so no one is really getting hours.  I’m only getting 1-2 shifts a week, and if I manage to get more, it’s only because I picked them up from other people.  It’s a slow time of the year, and I totally get that, but it’s been pretty hard on me financially.  Starting September 1st, I started collecting all of my receipts.  I’ve been dividing them by category and at the end of the month I’m going to see how much I spend on each category, to determine where I can cut costs and what not.  I’ve been pretty good about not spending money on clothes and non-necessities, except for this weekend.  Let’s just say I had a bad day and I was really upset, and a pair of boots I’d been wanting at Target just happened to be on sale…Besides that, I’ve been good!

Wow, that actually did make me feel mildly better.  I should probably get back to writing my Trend article now– the men’s fashion advice won’t write itself.

Once the career fair is over, I’ll feel much better, I know it.  Wish me luck :)



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