No Day But Today

Yes, I did, in fact, go with the cliché RENT title.  But hey, I could have gone with “Seasons of Love” if I wanted to be a little cheesier and completely irrelevant.  I’ll try to keep the name dropping to a minimum.  Why am I babbling on about RENT, you might ask.  Well, let me start at the beginning…

Back in 2006, before the movie version came out, my sister Mallory got the broadway soundtrack of RENT.  She literally listened to it every day in her room for months.  Me, being the adorable age of 13, always wanted to be like my older sisters, so I began to listen to it as well.  I try to block out the horrible middle school years, but I do remember sitting her in room at our old house, doing our homework, and arguing over who got to sing who’s part.  I also recall getting teased by certain family members for listening to “weird” music.  These family members now love RENT, but I digress…

In September 2007, almost exactly five years ago to the day and near “halloween”, Mallory and I went to New York while Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal were reviving their roles at the Nederlander Theatre to see them perform live.  It was one of the best experiences of my life thus far.  I was “over the moon” if you will.  I touched Adam Pascal’s hand and Anthony signed my book (the book he wrote).  I’m pretty sure I refused to wash my hand for an unsanitary amount of time afterward.

Adam Pascal after the show signing autographs.

Anthony signing autographs.

Yes, there they are.  At this time “I should tell you” that Mallory is madly in love with Adam and I am with Anthony.  Yes, he’s gay, but his voice and personality, combined with his book, I just can’t help myself.  He’s the perfect guy.  Seeing them in New York was very significant for many reasons.  It was my first real New York Broadway show.  It was my first time seeing RENT, and it was the first item I crossed off of my bucket list.  After we saw them in New York, I said I wouldn’t want to see it again.  Seeing it with two of the original cast members, and Mark being my favorite character– it just wouldn’t be as good again.  But what do you know?  In 2009, for my seventeenth birthday, Mallory, her friend, and I drove to Chicago to see Anthony and Adam for a second time in RENT.  And I swear, Adam wished me a happy spring for my birthday. I know he did…”you’ll see.” Haha, I seriously can’t quit it with the name dropping, it’s way too fun.

I’m really going somewhere with this, I promise, but let me go back to that bucket list.  Around 2005 or 2006 I started making a bucket list.  No, I’m not dying of some tragic, terminal disease, but it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.  I’ve only crossed off a few items, but hey, I’m still young.  As I mentioned before, seeing Anthony Rapp in RENT was one of my top items and was the first item completed.  Here is my bucket list:

1. see paul mccartney in concert.

2. visit abbey road in london.

3. see anthony rapp in RENT on broadway. (DONE! sept. 2007, april 2009)

4. buy my own car.

5. be a homeowner.

6. dance in the streets of italy.

7. go shopping in paris.

8. get married.

9. go to over 25 concerts. (14 down as of 09/21/12)

10. see the ball drop on new years in times square.

11. visit the great wall of china.

12. save an animal.

13. see gavin degraw live. (DONE! june 2010, plus he shook my hand).

14. make a difference in someone’s life.

15. get a massage. like a real one. (DONE! feb 2012)

16. go on a mission trip.

17. get a tattoo.

18. see a kangaroo in australia.

19. hug someone famous, that i look up to. (DONE! I hugged Anthony Rapp and he signed my jacket. 09/21/2012)

20. vote.

21. go to the shire in new zealand.

22. go to a jonas brothers concert. (DONE! july 2009,august 2010).

23. go to an nfl game, preferably the saints or the chargers.

24. model one last time.

25. have a celebrity tweet to me on twitter. (DONE! gavin degraw nov 24 2010, twice.)

26. do something great, that people will remember me by.

27. drink a butterbeer at the wizarding world of harry potter.

28. have someone name something after me. whether it’s a pet, their first born child, you know. whatever works.

29. overcome a fear.

30. do something i never thought i could do.

31. shoot the bow by myself.

32. graduate college with honors.

33. run a 5K.

It’s not a complete list and I add things as I think of them.  Yes, I realize some things are way cooler or more impossible than others, but they are all things I find important.  If you happen to take a quick gander at #19 again, I happened to complete that item this weekend, “on the street”.  Okay, it wasn’t on the street, but there was no other place to put that song title.

Anthony Rapp came to St. Ambrose (my former college) for a concert on Friday night.  My other sister, Stephanie, lives in Davenport, so we had a big sister weekend and went to the concert that night.  He is just fantastic.  He sang some originals, some fantastic covers (Video Killed the Radio Star, anyone?), and of course, a couple of RENT numbers.  Here is a video I found on youtube from our concert of him singing “No Day But Today.”  After an excellent concert, he was doing autographs in the lobby.  I already have a signed playbill and book from him, so I needed to find something awesome for him to sign.  I had nothing on me, well, besides my leather jacket….


Yupp, Anthony Rapp signed my leather jacket.  Life=made.  And as if that weren’t enough, I got to hug him, which qualified as my “hug someone famous, that I admire” on my bucket list.

You could call this, “I’ll Cover You.”

I was shaking for the next several hours. I’m still in awe.  I have just loved him for years, and it finally came full circle.  He is also, I might add, one of the most down the earth people I have ever met.  He was so genuinely nice– I mean, he wasn’t creeped out when I asked if he would sign my jacket instead of my ticket stub, and oh, by the way, can I hug you too?  I will remember this day forever.

Me, Anthony, Stephanie, Mallory

So I know most of you are probably here to read about the pretty clothing I make, but since I’m at school, you’ll be getting more of my life related posts interspersed with a few DIY/sewing posts on occasion.  This is the first of many posts in my bucket list series, so stay tuned.





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