24. model one last time

For only being twenty years old, I’m crossing items off of my bucket list left and right!  A few weeks ago, I hugged Anthony Rapp.  Yesterday, I modeled one last time, and let me tell you, it was way too much fun.

My roommate Mckenzie is the assistant manager at Pure Bridal in Ames.  Last week she put on facebook that they were looking for models for a bridal show that upcoming weekend.  I asked her about it and she said I had to do it.  Although it was on my bucket list, I went back and forth on it for awhile.  The last time I actually modeled, I was a junior in high school and I didn’t really have hips.  Since then, I’ve become very unproportional, so I just quit trying.  Now for a little disclaimer:  I am not one of those girls walking around complaining about how “fat” they are.  I do not think I am fat.  I just don’t think I’m as small as I used to be, which makes me not want to model.

Last time I modeled.
Alterna Haircare Hair show–Hair done by Michael Shaun Corby

Yupp, that’s me many moons ago.  But I digress, Mckenzie finally talked me into at least going to try some of the dresses on last Wednesday.  The first dress she put me in was probably the best dress I’ve ever seen.  I started twirling and yelling things along the lines of “Yes! I’m saying yes to this dress!“, “Can I have it?“, “How much is it?“, “Would it be socially acceptable to wear this every single day?”  I absolutely loved this dress not only because it was just gorgeous, but I also felt confident in it.  Also, it had pockets. Win/win? I think so…

They also put me in a wine colored bridesmaids dress.  I got super excited and all jittery for Sunday!  Sunday came and I went to Studio 7 Salon and Spa–which, by the way, is fabulous–to get my hair done.  For those of you who haven’t seen pictures of me yet or are new to my blog, I have very short hair. Ginnifer Goodwin meets Peeta Mellark short.  Mckenzie told me that they were probably going to have fun with me since my hair was so short.  I was a teensy bit worried, but really, I’m up for anything. (See picture above.)


Yes, they put my hair in a pompadour.  Too funny, right?  I know what you’re thinking–I look a little familiar, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Jimmy Neutron. Boom.

I had a lot of down time before I had to head over to the venue, so I of course went grocery shopping (I got some lovely looks in the cereal aisle) and drove around with my super badass hair, which, by the way, was also indestructible. (Liquid Steel, anyone?)

Okay, enough with the hair and back to the modeling thing.  I modeled the bridesmaids dress first and I got to wear super awesome, albeit a bit heavy, dangly earrings and over the elbow gloves.  Super fancy.  It was really funny, because all of us were wearing these expensive, fancy gowns and tuxes, and they were playing Nicki Minaj remixes.  They started playing “Starstrukk”-3Oh!3, which is my jam, when I was walking back on the runway, and I, of course, started to bust a move.  In my bridesmaids dress.  With people watching. I didn’t care.

My bridesmaids dress. It was a tad bit on the big side, but still, super classy.

I loved wearing the wedding dress.  Made me feel super fancy.  Also, if I never get married, I can still say I danced in a fancy wedding dress.  With pockets.  The best part was that I got to walk with Michael, Mckenzie’s fiance, who happened to be one of the male models for the show.  It was too fun!  We also danced a little bit on the walk back.  Runway modeling is way better than doing shoots.  You can ad-lib and have way more fun with it.

There it is. Isn’t it just beautiful!?!

I seriously want to get married in that dress.  It is just gorgeous.  I want it for Christmas. *hint, hint*

Mckenzie and I before the show!

Another shot of the dress.

Terrible lighting, but that is the back!

I know it’s pretty simple, but I adore it.  Most of all, I am just so glad I did get up the courage to model one last time, so I can officially cross it off of my list!

In other news, I got on the Public Relations & Marketing Committee for the Fashion Show 2013 at Iowa State.  I’m super excited because over 100-150 girls apply and they only accept 50!  That will be in the spring, so I will definitely have no life come next semester.  Also, my classmate Mackenzie wrote an article featuring some of my shoes for CollegeFashionista.  If you want to read her cute fall post about boots, click here.

I also wrote an article about Target when they came to Iowa State two weeks ago for the career fair.  That article is in this morning’s Daily, but can also be found online, here!

That’s all for now!  Next month, I’ll get to cross off another item from my bucket list–voting!




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