20. vote

Hello all! It’s a Friday night and I’ve been crafting (making more of the flower pom necklaces! for the DIY click here!) and watching Twilight.  Yes, Twilight.  I haven’t watched this movie in well over a year.  It’s just now hitting me how awful Robert Pattinson’s acting is in the first one.  It’s quite comical.  But not as comical as the fact that I’m crafting and watching Twilight in my pajamas on a Friday night.  Winner.

This Tuesday I crossed off number twenty from my bucket list:  vote.  That’s right, I crossed off TWO items this month!  I’m crazy-on-a-roll!  Now for most of you, voting isn’t that big of a deal.  For me, it is a huge deal.  I’ve been wanting to vote ever since I was 15.  I wasn’t old enough in the last election, so I’m ridiculously stoked that I am this time around.  I originally wanted to wait until election day, just the so first time I voted would be on the actual day of.

On Tuesday morning, Mckenzie and I ditched out of class early because Justin Long (He’s Just Not That Into You, Dodgeball) was on campus! Eeeeek!  He is my total hot-nerd crush and he is just brilliant.  AHH! I love him.  Okay–I’m done freaking out.  For now.  Well, he is campus hopping in the midwest this month promoting early voting.  He also is a backer of Barack Obama, so he told us a little about why he is a supporter and a few stories as well. One even involved him, Barack, recycling, and his man parts.  He was so hilarious.  Also, we were twins–both in denim jackets, a t-shirt, and black skinnies.  Meant to be?  I think so.

Waiting for Justin Long

Justin Long speaking to the crowd.

We were pretty darn close!  It was awesome, but most importantly, he inspired me.  My generation doesn’t realize the power we hold.  So many of us are unknowledgeable about our government, environment, and our world in general.  I know so many people who still know nothing about the candidates and are just voting for whoever their parents are voting for, or aren’t even voting at all.  I know I’m just one vote, but I want my voice to be heard.  That’s why I couldn’t wait any longer and I did it!  I have to admit, the ballot confused me a little, but that doesn’t matter!  I did it.  Although it was a small feat on my list, I felt like I made a difference.

On a less serious note, I’ve been doing a lot of writing at school and I had two articles published this week–one for Trend and one for the nightlife section of the Iowa State Daily.  The Trend article is girl terminology defined for men.  The Daily article is an overview of what to wear vs. what not to wear to the bars.  They’re short and fun articles–just if you’re interested and/or bored enough to read them! :)

Well, that’s all for tonight!  Mckenzie and I are hoping to have a roommate crafting night tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to share our results!




Any thoughts?

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