roll with the changes.

I can’t believe that in a few days it will already be already November.  This year has gone by crazy fast–especially this semester.  I only have three weeks of class before Thanksgiving break, then two more weeks after, followed by a week of finals and the semester is over.  That fast.  So scary.  Especially because in one year from December, I graduate college.  Done.  Boom.  I’ll be an adult.  It’s terrifying to think in one year I’ll be starting my big-girl job, when I still haven’t found my internship yet!  Yikes!

This weekend I was able to go home.  FINALLY.  I have been counting down for weeks and when it finally came, it went by way too quickly.  I went home on Thursday night, so I got to spend three nights at home.  Tonight, I’m in Iowa City at my sister’s until I leave for class tomorrow morning.  It’s been a fantastic weekend.  I got a lot done for school, but also had a lot of time to lounge around with my kitties (my priority, of course).  I got my hair cut again, but this time it is much shorter.  I brought in a bunch of pictures of Ginnifer Goodwin, but it looks more like Emma Watson’s the first time she chopped it off.  It is very short.  I look very much like a pre-pubescent boy.  But ehhh, what can you do?

My new hair! Also that is my baby kitty Ginger. Isn’t she precious?

Not too bad, eh?  I actually got a small craft in while at home.  I recently realized I own no jeans.  Only one pair of denim skinny jeans, a black pair, a boot cut pair and some crazy wide-legged ones.  That’s it.  Since I live in boots and skinny jeans in the fall and winter, it is necessary for me to own more than one pair of plain denim skinnies.  I love the boot cut ones.  I’ve had them since high school, they’re Converse brand with perfect amount of fade.  They are flattering through the hips, which is super hard to find for me.  But I did what I needed to do and I turned them into skinny jeans, so I can wear them through the fall and winter.  I’d never done this before, but it worked pretty well.  I, as usual, forgot to take a before picture, but I found a similar pair online!


I just put them on inside out and pinned the outer seams and sewed them down.  I generally would have done the inner seams, but as I learned from manufacturing and product development, my poor lockstitch machine would not be capable of recreating an LSq seam.  Enough of that, here is how it turned out:

In Process.


A nice view of the donk.

Fancy, right?  I’m glad it turned out!  I will get so much more use out of them now!  They look super cute with boots now!

With boots!! Also, check out our freshly cut hair!

I also got to spend the afternoon today with my best friend from elementary school.  We met up in Iowa City and got dinner.  I love being able to say I’ve maintained not just contact via facebook, but actual relationships with my two best friends from preschool and elementary school.  We generally meet up all three of us, but Erin was at home for the weekend.  It was still fabulous.  It’s funny how we can still talk like we’re best friends, even though we see each other only two or three times a year.  It’s the best.

It’s scary that I’ll be leaving for who knows where in a year and I’ll be leaving these friends and family.  It’s terrifying.

Mal and me.  Our relationship.

Sorry to end this on such a somber tone!  I’ll be more optimistic next time.  Ooh ooh!! I have a Halloween article I wrote for the Daily that was published this morning! Here is it!




Any thoughts?

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