the one with the social life.

Wow.  This has probably been the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started pleatsandpearls.  I would love to say it’s because I’ve been working on some stellar new project or I’ve had a lot of social activities going on, but I really haven’t.  (Again, I will try try try to do something clothing related soon. Definitely over Christmas break, but I’ll try over Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed!)  The past two weeks have actually been quite uneventful up until the last 36 hours.  I have been swamped with ridiculous group projects, one of which I have an AWESOME group, and the rest of which I basically do the whole thing myself. Ooh, shocker.

Yesterday was actually my most eventful day of the semester.  I somehow managed to jam a month’s worth of activities into one day–and I don’t even know how it happened.  Let’s begin.

I started out my day with a coffee date.  Yes, a date.  So now everyone can seriously shut up about me being too picky, judgmental, or it being my fault that I’m single because I push great guys away.  Newsflash, folks:  great guys aren’t throwing themselves at me.  Believe me, if guys showed interest it would be a different story.  And if a guy half as hot as hot follower man showed interest, I’d be the farthest thing from picky. (<<I recently discovered one of my blog followers is quite possibly the most beautiful man I have ever seen.  I mean, he is “Zac Efron makes a baby with Joseph Gordon Levitt” hot. That hot.  Except he looks nothing like Zefron. Or JGL. Just that hot.) But I digress–dates are awkward and forced and I hate them.  But it went reasonably well.  I think.  I never know.  Oh well, let me get on with my day.  I then had class, did a presentation, and took a quiz.  Then I went with my friends Mary and Morgan to the Ames animal shelter to play with kitties.  I thought this would be a splendid idea since I miss my kitties so much.  Turns out, animal shelters are extremely depressing.  Two kitties had been there over six months, one kitty was 9 years old and given up by its owner (Seriously, who does that?), two kitties had FIV (kitty AIDS), one kitty was deaf due to a severe ear trauma, and one puppy was just brought in since its owners abused him.  I almost walked out of there in tears.  I tried to play with all of the kitties a little or at least pet them through the cages.  I was able to spend fifteen minutes or so with a gorgeous, black and white, long haired, ten month old kitten named Jordy (terrible name, I know).  She was really stand-offish, but so sweet.  I could have just shoved her in my coat pocket and taken her home.  I also got to hold Betsy.  She was cute with so much character and just so sweet!

Betsy and me. Too sweet.

After the sobbing ceased, I had to go to the photo shoot for my Trend article.  It was pretty unorganized and last minute, so I had to find my own models.  I used my roommate’s fiance, Michael, and my friend Chris, who formerly wrote for Trend with me.  They shot it in the College of Design building on campus in one of the workspaces and it was awesome.  I can’t wait until the issue comes out so you all can see it!  I then went to my actual Trend meeting and found out one of my online articles will be featured in the magazine as well!  Woohoo!

Afterwards, my fabulous editor Ian (Who, by the way, was a design intern for Thom Browne this summer. Huge freaking deal.) and I went to his house to watch the election results.  We are both very liberal and pro-Obama, so we obviously had a fantastic time.  We celebrated the all-American way with some apple pie and tater-tots.  USA!


We ended up staying up through Obama’s acceptance speech, so needless to say, I went to bed very, very late.  Tonight was also pretty exciting!  My roommates and I had our Holiday Extravaganza 2012.  I painted my nails like snowflakes, we made crafts, and made Christmas desserts.  We were planning on watching Elf, a Christmas classic, but The Voice was on, and let’s be real–I LOVE Mackenzie Bourg this season, so we had to watch.  Kayla is no doubt, the chef among the four of us.  She seriously can cook anything from scratch and she’s just fabulous.  She made oreo balls and Kelsey made pumpkin spice bars.

Everyone baking!

Kayla and I drizzling the oreo balls.

For crafts, we made door hangings out of felt and I made snowflakes and a chain to count down until classes are over.  I made door hangings for Kelsey and myself–mine being a snowman and hers is a Christmas tree.  Mckenzie made a snowflake and Kayla, who claims she isn’t crafty, made a badass elf.  Hers seriously takes the cake.

Our door decs!

Isn’t hers so much better than ours?

My snowman!

I love how they turned out!  They make our little apartment seem so much more cozy!  They were ridiculously easy, too.  It was just felt, glitter glue, hot glue, and a ribbon to hang it up.

Only 30 days until classes are over!!! Do you dig my snowflakes?

snowflake nails!

This week has just been crazy busy!  This weekend I’m heading back to my old hometown to visit my best friend!  I’m sure I’ll definitely have stories to share next week!  I can’t believe how fast this semester is going.  Basically one more week of class before Thanksgiving, followed by two more weeks, and then finals!  AHH!  Scary.  But, on the plus side, that means, I’m that much closer to doing an actual project that will interest most of you!!

Thanks for bearing with me!

Supermodel pose. Kayla evidently wasn’t ready.





2 thoughts on “the one with the social life.

  1. You look like you’ve had so much fun!

    I know what you mean for first dates. I’ve been on so many awkward ones it’s unreal but my current boyfriend took me to a roller disco for our first date! It broke the ice straight away and was definitely the best first date i’ve ever been on. :)

    Also, i’m jealous of your nails.

    • A roller disco? That is so much cooler than coffee! There is nothing too cool to do around Ames unfortunately. I actually used the same method I used in my nail art DIY from a few months ago–if you haven’t seen it already. It’s super easy!

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