busy bees, basketball, and bottles.

I honestly have no idea how I’m here, writing a new post on my blog, when I have five group projects going on right now, a test to study for, a paper, an article, and last night’s The Voice to watch.  I guess I’m having blog withdrawal since I don’t have much to write about while at school.  So, I’ll make sure to keep this relatively short.

This past weekend I visited Camanche to see a few of my good friends from high school.  It was a super big deal, since I only go back about two to three times a year.  I got to have coffee with one of my best friends, lunch with another, and spent the rest of the weekend at my best friend Sarah’s house.  It was super awesome.  I broke up the drive on the way there by stopping at one sister’s apartment, followed by the other sister’s house and spent one night there.  Getting to see that many people important to me in such a short amount of time is a fantastic thing.

Sarah and I.

Whenever I go back to town, I always am blown away by the–for the lack of another word–shit, that I hear.  Last time I was in town, for example, apparently there was a giant hostage situation at someone’s house right outside of Camanche.  I mean, what the hell happened to this town since I left?  This time, I found out the guy I had a crush on throughout the majority of high school now is married and has a baby on the way. WHAT? (<<read in Chandler Bing’s high pitched voice)  Seriously.  WHAT?  Mind=blown.

Last night, a Monday, which I generally would have spent watching The Voice and doing homework, I instead spent it at an Iowa State men’s basketball game.  Yes.  An actual sporting event.  This is basically the first sporting event I’ve been to at Iowa State.  Hello, anti-social.  My friend Abby wanted me to go, and since she is leaving ISU soon, I couldn’t say no.  She just, by the way, found out she got an internship with BCBG in Los Angeles for the spring.  Ridiculously insane, right?  I can’t believe it.  I’m super excited for her, but the selfish loser inside of me really wishes she could stay so I don’t lose my closest friend in Ames.  Oh well.  She rocks.  End of story.

We really didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the game itself other than the ridiculous dance team with their silly, robotic moves and the <80 lb. cheerleaders.  Oh, and we’re pretty sure the mascot, Cy, was wasted.  But the most important part of the night, besides the fact that ISU stomped Alabama by more than 50 points, was that I actually did something social–on a school night.  I know, I’m out of control.


Yes, I am wearing the ONE Iowa State shirt I own.

In crafting news, my roommate and I had a craft night wayyy back, probably 3 weeks ago.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the craft, so I decided to hold off blogging on it.  I just finished it up and I’m reasonably happy with the turnout–so here goes!

If you’ve been on Pinterest at some point or another in the past year, you’ve probably stumbled upon the wine bottle crafts, where you hot glue letters or a design onto them and paint over it.  I started out with Crush bottles, because I was thirsty, Crush is way better in a glass bottle, and I’m not 21 yet.

Here is what you’ll need:

-glass bottles

-hot glue gun

-paint (spray paint would probably work better, but we used craft paint)

-paint brushes (only for craft paint)

-optional:  Milky Ways and holly

Tip:  Milky Ways make this activity way more fun. I promise.


In theory, this is super easy–in reality, not so much.  All you need to do is use the hot glue to write whatever words/draw the designs you desire on to the glass bottle.  I ended up ripping mine off once it dried several times to get what I wanted.  After that is dry, paint the bottle the desired color.  I used black for one, pearl white for the other.  Again, this would probably work way better with spray paint, not to mention it would take far less time and energy.

Hot glueing.

Hard to see–but it says “love.”

Even after I was done painting mine, it felt like something was missing.  I have literally sat on this for weeks until it dawned on me how cute it would look as a holiday decoration.  My roommate so kindly picked up some plastic holly berries for me at Dollar Tree and I cut those up and stuck them in the jar!  Way cuter than I imagined.  They actually make my apartment look festive for the Christmas season!

Don’t they look just adorable next to my Anthony Rapp autograph?

This craft is cheap and can be really easy if your hot glue gun doesn’t have a temper issue.  Good luck!

Next week is already Thanksgiving break. Holy batman.  Cross your fingers that I make it through the rest of the semester!




Any thoughts?

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