home is where the [food, kitties, relaxation] are.

*Sigh of relief*

Yes, it is finally Thanksgiving break and I am finally home!  Has this semester been going by this fast for you too?  Or is it just me?  I am very excited to be blogging again, because like I previously mentioned, I seriously get blogging withdrawals.  I am just so happy to be home.  I have a kitty on my lap, The Voice is on soon, I’ll get a nice home-cooked dinner, and I can really relax.  Yes, I may have spent four hours today doing homework, and yes, I may do the same thing tomorrow, but when the sun goes down, I will allow myself to relax.

I figured I haven’t mentioned my semester goals in quite awhile, so I’ll give you a little update and finish off with a small craft! How’s that sound?

1.  Keep my 4.0 GPA average. So far, so good.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but I may be able to pull this off for another semester.  I have all A’s currently with two weeks of class to go and a week of finals.  Granted, most of my classes only have 1/2 of the points in for the semester and all of the group projects fall at the very end.  In my Manufacturing and Product Development class, I’m setting the curve, (woohoo!) but we have one lecture exam, one lab exam, and the final exam still left to take–in three weeks, I know.  Ridiculous.  We also have a large project to present next week.  In my Illustrator/Photoshop class, we have a big group project where we have to create a theme and a bunch of flats.  I suck at flats, but I am particularly proud of one!  What do you think?

Our moodboard–the theme is 1920s New York City


My flapper flat in two colorways. Not too shabby for Kaylee.

Keep in mind I only learned Illustrator about a month and a half ago–so don’t be too brutal!  Everything is looking pretty good, but things could still change.  Cross your fingers.

2.  Get an excellent internship. Still working on this one.  It’s still pretty early.  Most applications for summer internships don’t open up until at least January, if not February or March.  I have a list of fifteen companies that I’m definitely applying for as a starting point.  I already applied for Modcloth and Target.  Well, the Target thing was just ridiculous and Modcloth’s didn’t specify if they wanted interns for spring or summer and I didn’t get it–but I’m not that upset.  My real internship hunt will begin spring semester and that is when I’ll get super crazy about it.  Also, on a similar note, I decided to go on the New York field study over spring break this March.  About two dozen apparel students go for one week and visit several corporate headquarters and showrooms.  Basically, you do a TON of networking, so if I haven’t found my internship by then, I may meet people that could hook me up.  Also, we all get to see a Broadway show while we’re there and go to an Alumni dinner thing.  I really hope the show isn’t Phantom of the Opera, and I really hope that it is starring Nick Jonas.  That is all.

3.  Stay in shape.  It’s November.  As always in November I want to cry about how “huge” I feel.  From end of October until February-March I always, like clockwork, feel disgusting.  It doesn’t matter how much I workout, I look huge.  Always.  Or at least, to me, I do.  I even weighed myself when I got home–just about the same as the summer, give or take two pounds.  I could honestly weigh less in the winter and still be convinced I look bigger.  Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, my definition of “in-shape” right now is skewed and inaccurate.  I will say that with the exception of the past two weeks (since they were ridiculously hectic), Kayla and I did work out at least twice a week.  She has even been making me do weight work and the rowing machine.  I’ve been so busy recently that I have no time for the gym.  I did go walk the track with my parents last night and I plan to do a workout video once or twice while I’m home!

**4 is non-existent as I mentioned in my previous post**

5.  I want to be better with my money. I kept all of my receipts through September and October to track all of my spending.  After September, I was mortified.  Even with living off of the original groceries my parents bought me when I first moved out to school, I spend over $100 more than what I made that month.  Granted, I am getting no hours at work (not that I really have much time to work anyway), but that is still pretty bad.  So, I set strict guidelines for October.  I did well at first, and then in the third week, I managed to somehow break all four guidelines I set in ONE DAY.  Ridiculous.  I thought I did terrible in October.  Turns out, I spent half the amount I did in September.  HALF.  *Fist pump*  November is tricky since I’m starting to Christmas shop, but I’m on the right track! Woo!

Okay, enough of goals–let the fun topics begin!

First of all, I’ve been getting extremely frustrated with my short hair.  I have dreams almost on a daily basis that my hair is long–then I realize I’m dreaming, so I quickly curl it, or braid it into a Katniss side braid before I wake up.  Yes, I’m that pathetic and I miss my hair that much.  Since I wasn’t planning on going anywhere today, I decided to experiment with it.  I really liked my hair for the bridal show I did in early October.  It was in a cool pompadour and I tried to recreate that this morning.  I failed.  Miserably.  But it did turn out pretty cute!  And super badass, I might add.  And a little Edward Cullen-esque.

Oh, and I did fancy make up too. You like?

I did go to JoAnn’s today though and I bought some yarn.  For our cousin gift exchange for Christmas, I have my 10 year old cousin, Alex.  Alex is one of three triplets and he is just awesome.  He went as Harry Potter for Halloween–I’m sorry, actually he was “Harry Potter after he defeated the ogre in book 1”.  Very specific.  Me being the best cousin ever, not to mention their favorite, I’m going to make him a Gryffindor scarf and get him the second book.  I’ll make sure to post pictures when the scarf is complete!

Now for the actual craft!  It’s very small, so I apologize, but it’s all I could muster so far!  I have an earring obsession.  I always love getting vintage earrings from thrift stores.  I was getting supplies for a different craft at JoAnn’s last month and found these sweet buttons–and I figured, I can make these into earrings somehow.  I also bought a pack of posts.

Buttons and posts.

This was super easy and quick to do.  First, rip the back of the button off (the shank) with some pliers.  Mine came right off.  I then filed it down to smooth the plastic.  Next, use some heavy-duty glue to glue the posts to the back.  I used my mom’s industrial glue, but I’m sure hot glue would do the trick.  Let it dry completely. Next, look fly with your badass earrings.

Rip the back off with some pliers.

Posts on earrings.

Final product.

Earrings are way more fun with short hair. Seriously.

I know I’m going picture crazy–but my makeup looks sweeeet! Okay, I’m done.

Sorry I got selfie-crazy there, but all three turned out sweet, showing off the earrings, hair, and makeup.  This little project was so easy, I want to go buy a ton of buttons and make more!  This way, I have earrings that no one else has!

And 1,338 words later, I’m done.  Whew.  I sincerely apologize to those of you who made it through the whole thing! I got super excited to blog again.

Oh, and super quick–over Christmas I plan to do at least one sewing project.

Would you prefer to see a skirt, dress, or another cape?

I’m super indecisive, so if you leave a comment with your preference, I’ll be sure to take it into consideration!  Well, The Voice is on–I’m out! (Good luck, Terry!!)




Any thoughts?

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