the one with all the thanks.

Hello all!  As if you need reminding, it’s Thanksgiving!  I’ve been having a great week at home.  I’ve done a great deal of holiday shopping, snuggling with my kitties, eating goodies, knitting, and TV watching.  I also dyed my hair dark.  I’ve been planning to for a while and I finally got sick of the blonde and did it yesterday.  I went the same shade of dark brown that I used to go all the time in high school, so I figured it would be okay.  But of course, I’m paler than ever and I definitely look like a vampire.  An actual vamp.


Oh well, it will fade in a week or so to a medium brown.  Right now, I feel ridiculous.

Yesterday, my family took our Christmas card pictures.  We’re a little ridiculous, so it took probably 10X longer to take our pictures than it would for an average family.  We made a lot of inappropriate jokes–most of which involved “straddling.”  Some of them turned out just hilarious.  See for yourself.


mallory and i. we always look like a nice pair of lesbians. always.

our classic boy band picture.

west side story snaps. mom looks photoshopped in–but she’s not! haha

I know, we’re very special.  Well, there is a point to post.  Everyone on facebook has been posting throughout the month what they’re thankful for each day.  I’ve been too busy to be on facebook everyday, so I figured I would put a nice list on here, since I’m in the Thanksgiving spirit–also because I ate too much stuffing and am incapable of moving.

5. Music.  I know, a very hipster answer on my part–but I love music.  All kinds of it.  The Beatles are my favorite, of course, but I love a huge variety.  Music relaxes me and makes me forget about the stress of school.  I also bond with some of my closest friends over shared interests in music.  My most recent favorites are Foster the People, Imagine Dragons, and Of Monsters and Men.  Oh, and I love the Voice–Terry McDermott is fantastic.  If you haven’t heard of them, they’re all fantastic, so check them out!

Houdini- Foster the People

It’s Time- Imagine Dragons

Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

4. My job.  I know it’s just a temporary part time job, but I’m very thankful that I have one.  Having a job while in school teaches you discipline, time management, and gives you work experience.  Hopefully it will help me get a job when I’m out of school.  I also am thankful for my coworkers.  I actually like my managers and coworkers for once, and it’s fabulous.  I don’t mind going to work–except I will definitely mind waking up at 6:00 tomorrow morning to drive back to Ames to work Black Friday. Ick.

3. My friends.  I know, super cliche, but it’s true.  I’ve had some FABULOUS friends over the years who basically help me to survive–sounds dramatic, but, again, it’s true.  I credit Samantha Joy for keeping me alive my freshman and sophomore years of high school.  I’m thankful for Mary, who was my first friend at Iowa State, and Abby, who taught me how to not be an OCD freak all the time.  I love all of my Ambrose friends who made me feel like I belonged.  Sarah has been there with me for everything in between.  No, I have never been one for having a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are just fabulous.

2. My kitties.  Yupp, I know what you’re thinking–crazy cat lady.  Even so, my cats mean the world to me.  And believe it or not, they keep me sane.  Studies have shown that animals can sense human emotions and calm you down.  I had the shittiest high school experience, and they really did calm me down–a lot.  I love all three of them–Chee, Nancy, and Ginger.  Their actual names are Baby, Wilson, and Molly, but I haven’t called them that in years.  Nancy is actually a boy, but he’s the fanciest.


Baby Ginger.


1. My family.  Again, this seems pretty cliche, but they’re really the best.  I never thought I would be one of those college students who loves going home, but I so am.  We have a really good chemistry and joke around the entire time.  We have a million inside jokes and always get each other funny Christmas presents.  I am so thankful that I have a family that I can get along with, but also one that supports me.  My parents have been extremely generous this year since I’ve been so busy at school and not getting a lot of hours at work.  My sisters are my best friends and we tell each other everything.  They’re seriously the best.

the whole fam.

Well, since I’m so thankful for them, I’m going to go spend my last night at home with my family and kitties.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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