all firred up.

Oh yes, it is finally the end of the semester.  Although this semester has seemed jam-packed and extremely long, in retrospect, it has been the quickest 4 months of my life.  Like I keep saying, it’s scary how quickly it’s gone.  One year from this week I will be graduating–graduating–college.  What a terrifying thought.

I’ve been trying to make the most of the last few weeks.  I’m not blowing off studying by any means (unless you consider frequent Coldstone runs with Kayla “blowing off studying.”), but I’m realizing that when it’s all said and done, I care more about my time with my friends than a test (Don’t worry Mom, I still have all A’s with just 3 finals to go!).  In the past few weeks a lot has happened.  I’ve been sick twice.  I went to the Trend launch.  I interviewed for the Menswear Editor position at Trend–oh, and I got the position! WOO HOO!  I found roommates for next Fall.  I’ve done a gross amount of studying.  I went on another date.  I’ve voted for Terry McDermott approximately 41 times.  I started watching American Horror Story with Mary–which, by the way, has made me wake up on the hour each night, for fear of getting killed by a ghost.  *Fingers crossed* that hot Tate saves me if this were to occur.

In short, I’ve been busy.  I did happen to manage to write one last article for isdstyle for the fall semester.  The topic?  Well, I started out the year strong with a nail art article, so it only made sense to finish out the same way.

Photo on 2012-08-20 at 09.39 #2

My nail art article on the first day of my junior year.

My holiday nail art article running on the first day of finals week.

My holiday nail art article running on the first day of finals week.

I know what you’re thinking–wow that girl is considerably paler than she was four months ago.  I live in Iowa–get over it.  Well, let’s get on with it.  This time around I did holiday nails with sparkly Christmas trees on them, using the same “taping method” I used for the original nail art.  I, in true Kaylee-fashion, forgot to take pictures throughout the process, but I can describe it!

Here is what you’ll need:

-6 polishes, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 sparkle, 1 clear, 1 of choice.




Let’s get started!  First, coat all of your nails with your “of choice” polish.  This will be the background behind your christmas trees.  I chose a taupe color, but a baby blue would look awesome!  Wait until 100% dry before moving on.

Now, cut the tape into square-like chunks.  You’re going to lay the chunks diagonally on your nails from the outer corner of the sides of the tips, angling toward the center at the bottom of your nail.  Do this on each side leaving free an upside down triangle on each nail.

Paint each triangle green with 1-2 coats.  Once dry, paint a coat of sparkles on top, making your tree really shine.

Once dry, carefully peel your tape strips off.  Paint a small yellow dot at the tip of each tree as the star.  Use the red polish to make small “ornaments” on the tree.  Once all your layers are dry, sweep a clear coat over the top to protect the nails and smooth the layers out.

Ta da! Have some bitchin’ holiday nails that all of your friends will be jealous of.

Christmas tree nails! Photo courtesy of Michael Kuiken.

Christmas tree nails!
Photo courtesy of Michael Kuiken.

They were super easy and pretty cute.  They’re not pro by any means, and I’ve definitely seen more impressive on Pinterest–but if you’re nail-art challenged like myself, these are cake.

Well, I better get back to studying.  I have two finals Wednesday and one on Thursday.  Tomorrow I’m going to Des Moines with Abby, which could possibly be our last hang out ever, since she leaves for Los Angeles when I’m at home for Christmas.  It’ll be an eventful week, and I’ll be sure to do a final goal-oriented post once my semester is officially over and to see how well I did!




Any thoughts?

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