all i want for christmas…

Things have finally settled down from the busy schedule of the holidays and I finally have time to blog again.  Don’t get too excited–I haven’t had time to work on any projects yet.  I need to be in a specific mood to sew and I am not in that mood.  Maybe I’ll start something later this afternoon, otherwise I’ll make something next week when I get back to my house after New Years.  But I did promise a few posts ago that I’d do another project, and I keep my promises.  Last week, I did do the bracelet DIY I had previously mentioned and it turned out super well!  Unfortunately, and in classic Kaylee fashion, I forgot to take any pictures of the process, so I’ll have to recreate that next week as well!  Sorry!

I love Christmas time and the holidays in general.  It’s relaxing (for the most part), I get to see a lot of family, and I eat a lot of great food.  The best part?  Having the excuse to dress up in fun outfits everyday–which I took full advantage of.  We always have our family Christmas a few days early since we have Christmas at my grandparents’ in Minnesota on Christmas Eve.  We had our Christmas on the 21st, left for MN the 23rd, and came back the 26th.  It’s been quite busy!  Christmas with the family was awesome and I got a ton of great stuff–new GAP jeans, a cute winter coat, cardigans, and a few movies.  I was particularly excited about my sister Stephanie, and my dad opening their gifts.  A few months back, Mallory and I came up with the idea of a Once Upon a Time themed nail polish line.  We started coming up with color names–Cherry Margaret, Prince Charmpink, August W. Blueth, Regreena, Bellow, Gepurple, True Love’s Kilt[a plaid sticker set] etc.  Steph did not think it was as funny as we thought it was–so naturally, we took the idea and ran with it and created the nail polish line for part of her gift.  Her reaction was priceless.




Pretty funny, eh?  I also was excited about my dad’s present from us.  Every year we ask him what he wants for Christmas.  He always responds with “world peace.”  Well, we can’t control world peace, so what can we BUY you? “Socks and underwear.”  No!  We just want to get him something interesting.  He never gives us ideas.  But, when we first asked at the end of October, he replied “Barack needs to be re-elected.”  Well, we all voted for him and did our parts towards that, so what else?  At the time, I was playing dirty clubs with him–our family is really into cards, whether it be dirty clubs/euchre or sheephead.  He said he could use a new deck of cards.  “WHAT! WHY? I love these cards!  We’ve always played with these cards!”  But sadly, he was right, since dirty clubs uses only the jacks, queens, kings, tens, and aces, the rest of the cards looked brand new in comparison.  Whenever we’d throw the nines in for euchre, you could tell who had them.  You could also tell who had the ace of hearts since there was a chunk ripped out of it.  Sadly, he was right, we needed new cards–but we weren’t about to buy a $2 deck from Walmart.  No, if he wanted new cards he’d get new cards.

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 12.14.00 PM

We personalized a deck online with all of us on it, as well as our cats, Amanda Seyfried (my dad has a crush on her), Barack Obama (for the win!), and my Grandpa as the joker.  He loved them.


Well, that dragged on a bit longer than I anticipated.  In short–Christmas was good.  We went to Minnesota and had Christmas Eve with my grandparents and Christmas Day with the cousins.  Mal, Steph, and I ended up staying an extra day at my aunts to spend extra time with her kids.  I had a fabulous time and wish we could’ve stayed longer.

Mal and I on Christmas Day

Mal and I on Christmas Day

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 8.29.16 AM

Me, Mal, and Steph on Christmas Eve.

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 8.32.32 AM

Me and my little cousin Maddie after Christmas Eve mass.
Are you digging the hat? It’s my Grandpa’s and I stole it from him after mass. Pretty fantastic, eh?

My family on Christmas Eve.

My family on Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for my sister’s house for a few days and I’ll spend New Year’s Eve with both of them.  When I get home, my parents will be back from Florida and I’ll have a few days to work on a skirt or something of that nature before I head back to school for the spring semester!

Until then–



P.S.  I forgot to mention last time that I finally got around to getting BlogLovin’, so feel free to follow me on there as well!


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