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As most of you know, I am still a poor college student, therefore I do not go shopping often.  Even when I do, I have to limit myself to buying only one great item or a few things that are on sale.  Let’s be honest–sometimes Forever 21 can get too pricey for this girl.  So needless to say, I’m pretty darn thrifty.  I visited my sister in Iowa City yesterday and we drove to visit my other sister in Davenport today.  The past two days have involved a considerable amount of shopping and I have found some of the greatest steals of 2012–and since I’m not a selfish person, (and I want to show off all of my great buys) I just had to share them with you!  Alright, I’ll break it up by shopping trip.

Iowa City; Coralville Mall



Black Faux Leather Boots

I have been in dire need of black boots for the last year.  My  last pair got destroyed during the rough winter of 2010 and have sense been retired.  I got this cute pair for Christmas, but had to exchange them for a different size, so they technically were a part of our shopping trip.  Even though they were an even exchange, they were on sale for $20–over 60% off!  They are no longer online as far as I know, but check out your local Payless Shoesource for any remaining pairs.


Ash with Faux Leather Trim Tote

I’ve been searching for a professional tote that was a neutral color and big enough to put a padfolio in with resumes.  I definitely need one for my internship this summer, but I really wanted to have one for the spring semester to bring to Trend meetings.  I found this baby at Target on sale for only $14.98.  I also had a gift card, so I didn’t spend any of my own money.  It’s fully lined and reasonably durable, so hopefully I can use this bad boy for a few years.  Also, it’s still online–and it also comes in a black and white wool blend with black trim.


Cream Moroccan Bubble Skirt

I am absolutely in love this item.  This mid-waisted skirt is extremely flattering and long enough to wear with or without tights.  It accentuates a small waist and covers up my bigger hips, while maintaining a flattering cut on my legs.  If my wardrobe could improve in any area at the moment, it would be skirts.  I only have a few, and they’re all very unique that can only be worn with a few outfits.  This skirt is neutral, with a statement-making pattern that will be able to be worn with a variety of outfits–and it was only $14!  Although it is no longer online, their online sales are fabulous right now, with some skirts as low as $7.


Leopard Print Tights

Okay, you caught me–these aren’t from Coralville mall.  They are from the Kohl’s across the street, but close enough.  I’ve been on the look out for sheer tights with opaque polka dots and can not find any to my liking anywhere.  Kohl’s had a sale on all of their tights–both the Vera Wang and Apt. 9 brands.  I didn’t find my polka dot ones, but I did find these awesome animal print ones.  They’ll do until I find my polka dots.  The best part?  Only $6.99.  I also had $10 of Kohl’s Cash, so they were free.  Boom.


Sleeveless Top with Peter Pan Collar

This is quite possibly my greatest find of them all.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, (they were taken at night with artificial light in my sister’s apartment–I apologize) but it’s actually a mint green color with the keyhole opening at the neckline made by the Peter Pan collar.  I am obsessed with Peter Pan collars lately, especially because of Mary Margaret in Once Upon A Time.  This feminine beaute was a shocking $4 at JcPenney in their clearance section.  They still do have it online, but it’s not quite as cheap–but it’s still a cool $12.



Davenport; Old Navy

I wasn’t planning on buying anything today besides a wallet, but Old Navy had some bitchin’ deals if I do say so myself.  Literally everything is on sale, and some things were even 75% off!  Crazy, right?  I got a little out of control, but in my defense, I do have an Old Navy credit card…which I was tricked into getting.  The guy at the cash wrap complimented my John Lennon sunglasses and my Star Wars lunch box, and things got completely out of hand.  I don’t want to talk about it…

Also, I didn’t get a wallet.  Whoops.

Cream Flowy Blouse

This shirt is totally me and can easily be layered with cardigans for a feminine look or a leather jacket for an edgy vibe.  It also has a high enough neckline that it can be worn for my internship this summer.  It can be found at Old Navy for $6.99.  The exact same shirt is no longer online, but definitely check out your own Old Navy for it.  It also came in an aquamarine color.


Oatmeal Baseball Tee

No, this is not the most trendy of shirts by any means, but it was $3.  Yes, three dollars.  And it came in about a dozen different color combinations.  It has a slimming fit and will be great for lounging around in and layering in the fall.  There are also a few colors left online, so snatch them quick!  You can scoff all you want, but you can’t beat $3.



Each pair of earrings was only $2.99, as was most of the jewelry at Old Navy.  Since I’ve cut my hair, I’ve realized how much more fun it is to wear jewelry, especially earrings.  I love the giant robin’s egg blue studs.  They’re borderline obnoxious, but pretty darn classy.  I will get so much use out of them.  I don’t wear dangly earrings quite as much as I used to, but I adore these pale pink and gold drop earrings.  I also think that they’d pair nicely with my new skirt or my cream blouse.  Regardless of taste, $3 for earrings is a steal.


Happy thrifting!




4 thoughts on “thrifty under thirty

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  2. Great finds! I love thrift store shopping! We went yesterday too but they were closing soon and I didn’t have time to try stuff on so we just left.

    I can’t wait to see more stuff and you’ve inspired me to do my own thrifty blogs!

    Happy New Year!!

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