lovely in leopard

Happy new year!!

I’m spending New Year’s Eve with two of my favorite people in the world–my sisters.  We’re spending the evening watching all of the Batman movies to ring in the new year.  We made dinner (buffalo chicken chili–I’m still breathing fire) while listening to The Lonely Island and dancing around the kitchen.  It’s been a fabulous time.  We’re finally settling down into the movie.  Let’s be honest, there is no better way to end 2012 than watching Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman kick asses and take names.

Today while Stephanie was at work, Mallory and I went out shopping (again…).  We made a Gordmans run and found awesome home decor, but I decided I better not buy anything right now.  I had to do a return at Kohl’s, and we had some coupons, so with my merchandise credit/coupons I got a Lauren Conrad blazer for only $12!  

Mal and I love to dress up, so we of course took advantage of our little outing and got super dressed up for New Year’s.  Mal looked so adorable, I just had to share a picture!


Cute, right?  I wore some of my new finds from the past few days.  Please ignore the cliche midwestern background.






If you read my recent thrifting spree post, you’ll recognize the tights.  And boots, shirt, and earrings.  I wanted to have a fun and carefree look for the day and these leopard print tights are absolutely perfect.  I wardrobed the rest of the outfit with contrasting leather and sheer pieces.  I borrowed Stephanie’s [faux] leather jacket, which also happens to be from Express.  I wore my brand new [faux] leather boots to match the jacket.  Payless no longer has this pair online, but they do have a similar pair for a solid $35.  I picked my brand spankin’ new cream sheer blouse from Old Navy to contrast with all of my darker items.  Here is a similar top from UrbanOutfitters for only $20!  I tucked my top into my black, jersey, fitted skirt–a staple item in every 20 year old girl’s closet.  Target still has a similar style online for less than $15.  I topped off the look with my obnoxious robin’s egg blue earrings from Old Navy.  If you’re loving the striking hue, try out these for size–only $10.

Go end the new year right–with a couple drinks, a great outfit, and a lot of class.

Until 2013–




Any thoughts?

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