shimmer + shine.


Hello all!  Happy 2013!  As promised, I had time to work on a project! The best part?  I got it done in only a few hours–which is almost necessary these days because I get pretty fussy when I sew.  This skirt is probably one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done and I definitely plan to make more in the future.

I went to JoAnn’s yesterday with my mom and found some awesome fabrics.  JoAnn’s can have some good finds, but it’s never what I’m looking for at the time.  This project called for lightweight gabardine, broadcloth, lightweight denim, or stretch wovens.  Of course the tiny JoAnn’s in West Burlington is not going to have anything of the sort, so I kind of winged it.  I picked a plain weave satin for the body and a brushed, faux suede for the upper blocks.  It worked well enough.

There is not a whole ton to say about this project, since very little went wrong.  I did have to take in the sides once the front and back were sewn together because there was literally no shape to it at all.  I figured I’d have to alter it a little since I had to make a size 14 for my hips.  Ridiculous.  Why the pattern companies haven’t modernized pattern sizes yet is beyond me, but I digress…

I should forewarn you that if you do plan to make this, you either need a serger or a really great pair of pinking shears.  Since I still lack a serger, I finished the entire inside of the garment with a mediocre pair of pinking shears–a.k.a:  it took forever.  I also just flipped the hem under with a basic lockstitch to finish it off, rather than attempting a blind hem.  I haven’t done a blind hem since 2009 and I’m pretty sure I got a C on it, specifically because of the hem.  I’m too afraid to face my fears again.  Too soon.

Other than all of that nonsense, it turned out reasonably well.  This was probably the smoothest putting in a zipper has ever gone.  Practice makes perfect, I guess.


Isn’t the fabric sweet?  I bought a little extra so I can play with it on another project later!


The back.

I like that the upper blocks have a bronze shimmer, while the body has a shiny luster.  It’s a head-turning combination that will spice up any outfit.  The pattern I used was Butterick B5566 [14-16-18-20].  I probably could have gotten away with the smaller size pattern set in hindsight, but this will do.  It sits at mid-waist and hits above the knee.  I figured this will be perfect for my internship this summer.  It’s professional, but fashion forward, so I’ll get a lot of use out of it.  I also picked moderately neutral colors for this reason.





My mom and I braved the cold to get a few semi-acceptable pictures before our feet froze off–hence why my face is funny because of the sun, my hair is as windblown as it can get, and my skirt is shiny from the reflections.  My apologies.

I think it turned out pretty cute.  It only took about five hours–and considering I was multi-tasking and playing with my kitty, that is not too shabby.

What do you think?  There are a few more styles in the pattern, so I may whip another one together before I head back to school, if I have time!

Until next time–




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