DIY: photo coasters

I can’t believe I start classes in one week.  My schooling is slowly coming to an end.  I only have two semesters left.  Between the two semesters, I’ll be taking at least 33 credits, editing Trend for Men, working on The Fashion Show, going on a New York field study, doing my internship, and hopefully finding my first post-graduation job.  It’s going to be a big year.

Now that break is winding down, I had time to do one more DIY.  This technically should have been done over a month ago, but you know, procrastination.  Let me preface this by saying that:

1.  It is no-way fashion related

2. This is for my roommate’s Christmas present

3. She loves Donald Driver

Okay, let’s get started!

DIY photo coasters

This is probably the fourth set of coasters I’ve made so far because they’re so quick and easy!  They’re perfect for customizing your home or giving a gift for a wedding.

Here is what you’ll need:



-4 photos/scrapbook paper; I made mine 3.25 x 3.25 inches.

-4 ceramic tiles; 4 x 4 inches [Lowe’s]

-Gloss finish ModPodge

-Sponge brush

-Gloss finish varnish

-Felt/fabric cut into squares

-Damp washcloth

Alrighty, start out by picking out your photos.  I got mine online, but you can certainly use your own photos.  After cutting out your photos, you’re going to brush a layer of ModPodge onto the back and press it down onto your tile.  It’s important that you don’t have any of the ModPodge on your fingers, because if you drag it across the picture, it may rip off the color.  I just had a damp washcloth nearby, so I could keep my fingers clean throughout.

Brush the ModPodge onto the back.

Brush the ModPodge onto the back.

After smoothing the picture down, dab the ModPodge around the edges of the photo.  Now, re-smooth the freshly-ModPodged edges with your finger to ensure the photo sticks down.  Once you’re sure this is stuck down, you can begin brushing the ModPodge over the surface of the photo.

Smooth the edges down with a layer of ModPodge.

Smooth the edges down with a layer of ModPodge. And yes, this is from Dancing With The Stars.  What can I say?  The girl loves him.

This is what it should look like after you paint on the ModPodge.  Don't worry, it dries clear.

This is what it should look like after you paint on the ModPodge. Don’t worry, it dries clear.  Yes, that is Clay Matthews.  And yes, I may marry him.

After you coat the picture in ModPodge, take the damp cloth and wipe around the edges of the coaster.  It will give the end product a cleaner finish.

Wipe the edges with a damp cloth.

Wipe the edges with a damp cloth.

Wait for it to dry, then apply 3 coats of varnish, letting each one dry before applying the next.  Again, I used a gloss varnish, so it will have a shinier surface, while still protecting the photo from any liquids that may touch its surface.

Varnish the coaster.

Varnish the coaster.

Once the varnish is completely dry, flip the coaster over and coat the bottom with a thin layer of ModPodge.  Also apply a little to the fabric or felt square around the edges.  Flip over the square and smooth it onto the bottom of the coaster.  This will prevent the tile from scratching any surfaces.





Once the bottom is dry, your coasters are ready to be used/gifted!



Pretty cute, eh?  I’m excited to give them to her.  She will love the Donald Driver theme and I will love the Clay Matthews coaster, specifically.  It’s a win/win.

Until next time–




Any thoughts?

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