keep it neutral.


Although you wouldn’t be able to tell from today’s weather in Iowa, this weekend had the most peculiar, gorgeous weather.  It’s the middle of January and it almost hit 50 degrees!  If you don’t happen to be from the midwest, and think 50 is chilly, think again.  Compared to the subzero weather we usually have forced upon us, 50 is really more like 70–and it definitely shows on campus.  On Friday, campus was sunny and winter jackets were long gone.  I, of course, just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather by layering up and putting my best outfit forward.

I generally feel my best when I’m wearing one of my favorite items.  I’m more confident, I stand up straighter, and I actually feel prettier, so I’m in an exponentially better mood.  But this outfit is no normal ensemble.  I’m wearing four, yes four, of my favorite items.  I felt on top of the world, like I was capable of anything–which was pretty necessary after my supremely awful first week of class.

Chambray, or what many refer to as the “denim shirt”,  can be worn with just about anything.  Seriously.  When I first got mine (it was love at first sight), I was very careful about wearing it with other denim.  I didn’t want to look too “matchy, matchy” or like I’m bringing back the denim tuxedo.  But lately, I’ve gotten riskier with my fashion choices and I’ve been pairing it with some dark wash skinnies just about every other day.  If you don’t have one, get one.  Now.

This embellished black cardigan was actually a Christmas gift.  It’s, of course, from Target, as is my chambray shirt.  I love layering these two items for an uber-sophisticated look.  The best part about layering cardigans with button-downs is that it can be worn with virtually anything.  I’ve worn this combination with jeans and skirts–and you better believe when April rolls around, I’ll be pairing it with some high waisted shorts.

This skirt was a recent find at Francesca’s and I am madly in love with it.  In true bubble-skirt fashion, it accentuates the waist, while giving you that school-girl charm.  I love the shimmering, Moroccan pattern in contrast to the black cardigan.  My mahogany boots were also a Christmas gift and have quickly become a winter staple.  Because of their rich shade, I have been wearing them with everything.  Fashion traditionalists may be screaming at the fact that I paired black with brown, but listen up:  that rule is dead.  Black and brown can easily flow together if you accessorize correctly, or choose with accent colors wisely–which is why I picked forest green tights to tie the outfit together.  The color is cooler, while still bringing a pop of color to this neutral ensemble.  I finished off my look with some vintage-inspired, oval earrings and a wool tote.







Target Embellished Cardigan–Similar from Forever 21, Target Chambray shirt–Similar from TargetFrancesca’s Bubble Skirt–Similar from ASOSTarget Opaque Tights, Liz&Co. Riding Boots–Similar from Nine WestOld Navy Teardrop Earrings–Similar from Ann Taylor, Target tote–Similar from Target.

It was fun while it lasted, but with this snow-storm rolling in, I’ll have to prepare for campus-friendly, cold-weather fashion.

Oh, and I finally got around to making a facebook page for my blog–so make sure you go and *like it*!! Thanks. :]

Until next time–




2 thoughts on “keep it neutral.

  1. Great everyday outfit for work or school! I have been hesitant to buy a chambray shirt, but after seeing you and other bloggers style them, I might just jump on the bandwagon too.

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