layer up: brave the cold in style


Happy second week of class, college students!  Or if you’re not in college, a very belated happy MLK day!  I have exciting news!  Brenna and I have decided to make Fridays our weekly blog shoot day in between classes!  Which means, you’ll be guaranteed at least one post per week, even when I get extremely busy.  I have been brainstorming some DIYs that I want to attempt in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

As a born-and-raised Iowan, I am no stranger to winter.  I am more than used to the drastic changes in temperature at the drop of a hat.  So when things were looking up one week ago when it hit almost 50 degrees, I was not shocked by the frigid snowstorm less than 48 hours later.  With these constant weather dips, it can definitely be a challenge deciding what to wear to class.  I often get asked, “how can you manage to dress cute when its so cold out?”  Or even more than that, “girl, aren’t you freezing?”  Well, one, it’s pretty simple, and two, I have terrible circulation–I am always freezing.  But I promise,  it is not hard to whip together a winter-friendly ensemble if you own a few of the staples.

To be a fashionista in the midwest, it is a necessity to own a good pair of sweater tights, a few pairs of leg warmers, a sturdy pair of boots, and a variety of knit accessories.  Although I own an obnoxious amount of scarves, hats, and legwarmers, I do tend to buy them with a theme in mind:  jewel tones.  This way, you can easily mix and match your outerwear accessories and they still make a statement with a neutral winter peacoat. Once you get the essentials–layer up!  Depending on how cold it is, I may wear a pair of leggings under my sweater tights and a long sleeve tee under my sweater.  Thankfully, today wasn’t too frigid and I didn’t have to get too crazy.  After your sweater tights, put on a comfortable pair of wool socks and your leg warmers.  I love wearing sweater dresses in the winter, but today I opted for a pleated pencil skirt with a crew neck sweater.  I topped off my outfit with mittens, a peacoat, an infinity scarf, and a knitted headband.  The key is to find items that cover you as much as possible.  When looking for a peacoat, find one that can have a higher neckline and drops below the hips.  Scarfs need to actually cover your neck, as opposed to the ones girls just drape around them, leaving their entire neck/chest free to freeze.  Get ready, get cute, and go brave the cold.









Old Navy sweater–similar from Patagonia, ASOS skirt–similar from, Target Wool Shawl Coat, Vera Wang sweater tights–similar from Lord&Taylor, Burgundy leg warmers–similar pair on Etsy, Target slouch boots–similar from Naughty Monkey, Vintage ring–similar on Fantasy Jewelry Box, Primark Knit headband–similar from beauxoxo on Etsy, DIY mustard infinity scarf (me)similar by Jamie Rex on Etsy.

Well, this girl has got homework to do.

Until next time–



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