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Picking a career path is a big decision.  Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is a huge deal–so when I tell people that I’m going to work in fashion for the rest of my life, I tend to get some odd looks.  Everyone likes to be stylish, but why would someone want to do that for the rest of their life?  Wouldn’t it get boring?  Wouldn’t it be unfulfilling?  I’ve heard it all…

I chose fashion because fashion is fun.  I never get bored of it because it’s always changing.  The possibilities are limitless and there are new opportunities all of the time.  I truly love it and I can’t wait for my opinions and decisions to make an impact–no matter how big or small–I want to make an impact somehow, somewhere.

I’ve always been pretty bold with my fashion choices.  As a young-en, I used to put two different socks on and tell my mom it was topsy-turvy day.  I can be pretty eccentric, and lately, I’ve been very creative with how I pair items.  When I was offered the Lands’ End internship for this summer, I was very excited for many reasons:  it’s a great company, it’s paid, it’s relatively local, seems like a great work atmosphere, and quite possibly most exciting–the dress code is business casual.  Actually, business casual may even be an overstatement.  One of my interviewers said that they believe people do their best work when they’re comfortable, hence why she wears jeans to work.  Basically, I just have to look put together, which is my favorite thing to do anyway.

Since I’m a poor college student, I’ve been crafting new ways to wear the items in my closet, perhaps in ways that I never would have thought of before.  Let me tell you–this is probably the best thing a person on a budget can do.  I start with one item, say, a chambray shirt and try it on in at least a dozen different ways to see what works–and you know what?  At least 75% of them do.  I recently have been pairing casual items with more professional items to see if I can get a look that will be suitable for the workplace.  And going back to the chambray shirt reference, I have found that it literally goes with everything.  Yes, everything.  (On a side note, get ready for an upcoming post specifically on the versatility of chambray)

By pairing this staple item with some black crops and a lustrous, wine blazer, I will feel confident, professional, and up for any task.  And as with any new look, comes new hair.  The very talented Alan Randall of theSALON in Ames completed my look with some highlights, texturing, and an edgy style to top it off.  With such a bold dress and tress combination, you’ll be sure to turn a few heads.

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Lauren Conrad Blazer, Chambray Shirt–Similar via Urban Outfitters, Cropped Pants–Similar Via Gap, Studded Flats, Bib Necklace–Similar via Etsy, Plaid Satchel–Target Stores Only,



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