pastel pop.


I feel like I start most of my posts like this these days, but this past week was so hectic!  I’ve had two exams, final drafts to edit for Trend, and countless projects to work on.  This weekend, I went to Iowa City for my sister’s birthday and had so much fun!  I haven’t seen my family since I moved back to school, so it was great to see everyone, even if it was for a short amount of time.  On Saturday, I went home for a few hours to see the rest of my family, but then had to drive all the way back to Ames that night.  Have I mentioned that I really hate driving?  On Sunday, I got to model again!  Which, if you’re not a frequent reader, is very exciting because that is an item on my bucket list.  I got to do a bridal show in October, which was more of a runway format, but modeling for Trend was a photo-shoot.  (For the modeling bucket list post, click here.)  It was crazy fun and I got to wear a lot of really sweet clothes.  I got my makeup and hair done at theSALON in Ames that morning and spent the next several hours in front of the camera.  Way too much fun.  Here is a quick shot I got of Mary, my fashion director and really great friend, and myself between outfit changes!



The groundhog said that spring would be coming soon;  but I’m coming to believe that the groundhog is bipolar, since it was 40 degrees when I left for class yesterday, sans jacket, and when I returned back to my apartment, it was 20 degrees and snowing.  Make up your mind, groundhog!  Personally, I’ve made up my mind and I’ve been dressing for spring–and nothing says spring like a pair of lavender skinnies, right?  As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been abandoning all of the classic “style rules” and just going for it.  I feel like I hear time and time again that if you are bold enough to wear colored skinny jeans, then you should play it safe by pairing it with neutral colors, as to not look like an exploded crayon box.  I personally love crayon boxes, hence why I chose to pair mine with a lemon-lime cardigan, a polka-dot blouse, glitter TOMS, and a whole lot of accessories.  With this attitude, spring will be here before you know it.







H&M Lavender Skinny Jeans (Similar), Lime Cardigan (Similar), H&M Polka Dot Blouse (Stores Only), Chandelier Earrings (Similar), Glitter TOMS, Fossil Watch, Bracelets(Top & Bottom–handmade), Bracelets (Middle–Similar)

Act like it’s already spring and go color crazy.




Any thoughts?

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