the nineties.


I already know what you’re thinking…oh god, the nineties?  Really?  I know, I know.  For years I loathed the nineties.  Everyone says fashion is cyclical and it will eventually come back into style, but I refused to believe the 90s could ever come back.  I mean, there was no distinct fashion trend or specific fad that can signal the time period.  The 90s was a giant conglomeration of every bad trend to ever exist.  Terrible hair.  Powder blue.  Fuzzy balls on all hoodie strings.  Stirrup leggings.  White tennis shoes.  Bad makeup.  Mom jeans. Excellent music.  I could really go on forever.

So if I hate the 90s so much, then why do I look like an Olsen twin in The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley?  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this previously, but a few months ago I got hooked on American Horror Story.  In season one, there is a character named Tate who died in the 90s, so all of his clothes that he wears on the show are straight up 90s grunge.  I happen to have an extremely inappropriate crush on Tate, so much that I found myself starting to dress like him.  It was completely unintentional, until one day I noticed that I was wearing a denim vest over an oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and beat up boots.  I look like an extra from Saved By The Bell.  I decided to embrace it and just roll with it–and now, I bring to you “Nineties Grunge At Its Finest.” (Also known as, Modern Day Hipster…)






Denim Vest, Shorts (Similar from Volcom), Tights (Similar from House of Fraser), Shirt (Similar from Old Navy), Ankle Boots (Bought in London), Scarf (Similar), Wool socks (Similar from DustysOneOfAKind on Etsy), Ring (Similar from Jewelsalem on Etsy)

Until next time–



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