New York State Of Mind


Can’t it be spring, already?  This impromptu snowstorm every other week is starting to get pretty old.  Although, I have managed to make the best out of a snowed-down semester, with a little thing called a social life.  I know, so unlike me.  I’m extremely thankful for how many friends I’ve made over the past year and the friends that I’ve remained in contact with after we’ve gone our separate directions (I’m looking at you, Abby).  I’ve managed to keep busy with work, classes, ISDstyle, and Trend.  Last week, I got to interview the bachelor finalists for our Ultimate Bachelor Search for Trend.  After working on the bachelor search for nearly two months, it was so nice to finally meet and interview them all.  And hey, talking to five good-looking, single men for two hours isn’t too shabby either.  After the interviews, last week involved hours worth of typing transcripts.  I just finished my first draft of the article this afternoon.  Whew.  It’s finally past midterms and I absolutely can’t believe how time has flown by.  Next weekend, I leave for New York.  I get back the next weekend.  The following weekend I finally get to go home to celebrate my big sister’s 26th birthday.  Two weeks after that, I turn 21.  Three weeks after that, school is over.  I know I sound super cliche when I say this, but where did the time go?

With the countdown winding down for the New York field study, I’m in rush-mode, trying to get everything squared away and ready to go for Saturday.  That’s right, Saturday.  Only six more days.  I’m so nervous/excited/antsy/ecstatic and even a little scared, but I can’t wait.  I’ve been playing around with my wardrobe to put together versatile, professional outfits, made with only a few items to minimize packing.  I wrote an article for the Iowa State Daily, which will be published in tomorrow’s paper, about being a savvy packer for spring break.  It pretty much comes down to picking items that can be worn in at least three or four different ways.

For me, I’m packing my chambray for sure.  I could easily wear it seven different ways, one for each day I’ll be there, but I’ll probably want to look a little more versatile.  Then, I’ll bring one pair of dark wash denim, one or two skirts, one or two pairs of colored crops, a blazer, belt, scarf, boots, flats, and a few tops.  I need to look polished, professional, and put-together for the appointments we attend.  Check out one of my looks that I’ll likely transition to Times Square.





Color Blocked Blazer, Gap Always Skinny Jeans, Ankle Boots, Belt, Sunglasses, BCBGeneration Cuff, Scarf (From Bahrain)

I’m planning on taking some of my blog pictures while in the city and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!

Until next time–



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2 thoughts on “New York State Of Mind

    • Thanks!! I’ll definitely take a ton of pictures when I’m there!
      I just got the blazer from a website called Altar’d State. It’s a sustainable clothing company that donates money to charities and whatnot. And it was super on sale!

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