true brit.


I guess you all don’t know me particularly well, but I am someone who does not take compliments well.  I generally respond with a simple “Shut up, you’re lying”, “What do you want?” or the occasional awkward, Kristen Stewart-like response of “Uhh, ummm, I mean, well, you didn’t mean, I, uh…thanks? Wait, were you serious?”  It’s a problem.  There have been three compliments in my life that were made as total off-hand comments that will seriously stay with me forever.  Wow, only three?  Yes. I’m sure there have been more compliments that I took to heart, like my Dad saying he was proud of me or something, but those always result in me sobbing uncontrollably, so I’m going with the three happy ones.  Now that I’ve built this up, you’re all probably thinking these compliments suck and the person was totally lying or sucking up, but regardless, here they are:

1. “You look like Emma Watson.”- Sarah, my hometown best friend.

If I haven’t made this clear 3,584 times already, I love Emma Watson.  I think I responded with a pinch of profanity and throwing things–which sounds like a bad response, but it was in utter glee, I promise you.

2. “Perhaps the reason you love Paul McCartney so much is because in a former life you dated him or something.” –One of my bosses.

Yupp.  Now I totally believe in living more than once. (Sorry YOLO fanatics.) You’re probably thinking, wait, that wasn’t a compliment though.  Anyone saying that I could have even been acquaintances with Paul McCartney, let alone dated him, is automatically complimenting me.

3. “You definitely look like you could be from Europe…probably British.” –Stephanie, my Scottish friend.

Yes, I literally died.  I was totally born on the wrong continent.  I love Europe’s atmosphere, architecture, lifestyle, fashion, and not to mention their men.  Huge compliment.  After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I asked what it was about me, and she said just about everything until I open my mouth.  Hey, I can accept that.  I would love for people to think I dress as well as the Brits.

Considering I had only been in London for four days, over two years ago, I sure picked up a lot of their fashion quirks.  I did a ton of observing, and not just of women’s fashion, men’s fashion as well.  Menswear has been a huge style inspiration for me for the past few years, hence why I’m the Menswear Editor for Trend.  I love to break style rules and dip into the classic trends of European guys.  I know that sounds super weird, but most days I end up looking like a hipster boy–and I’m not too upset about it.

So on a particularly nice day, I ditched the winter coat and donned one of my favorite items, my [autographed] leather jacket.  Pair this with some cuffed skinnies, striped socks, and some leather, lace up ankle boots and you’re on your way to looking like a true Brit.








Leather Jacket–Target in 2010, Scarf (Similar), Gap Always Skinny Jeans, Socks (Similar), River Island Ankle Boots(2011), Vintage Sunglasses, Clutch, Bracelets (Handmade)

My next post is going to be a super fun one dealing with the versatility of chambray–so stay tuned!




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