secret admirer.


What a spring break.  I’m so glad to be back in Iowa (a phrase I never thought I’d say).  It was an exhausting and moderately controversial week.  My last blog post overviewing my New York field study received mixed reviews.  I got a lot of backlash, very little of which was to my face.  At the same time, I don’t think I’ve been praised for a post so much before.  Contrary to popular opinion, I was not intending to create such a stir and I wasn’t targeting specific people.  I explained in general, vague terms and beat around the bush quite a bit.  I guess I can’t please everyone, and I’m really okay with that.  As long as one person got something out of it, I feel like it was effective.

Yesterday, someone at Iowa State created a Facebook page called Iowa State Secret Admirers.  Within 24 hours it already has nearly 6,500 likes and over 1,000 posts.  It is seriously addictive to scroll through.  It’s super funny to see people you may know on there.  I have to admit, I’ve written one already; but I never thought I’d have one written about me.  When I got home from Trend tonight I saw someone had tagged my name as a comment and I automatically knew that it had to be for that.  Of course I’m not lucky enough for it to be an actual guy admiring me (a girl can dream), but it did turn out to be super awesome.  My admirer is evidently someone I’ve never met and she reads my blog and articles.  This alone was enough of a pick-me-up to know that what I write about matters, even if it’s to only a few people.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 8.41.06 PM


Pretty cool, eh?

Although there is still snow on the ground, spring is approaching.  It is supposed to be mid 50s by the weekend and I am getting antsy for the heat to roll in. I decided to go sans-tights today since the sun was out and it really wasn’t too bad!  I wanted to wear my brand new Franco Sarto boots that I bought in New York (only $40!!) and had to find the perfect outfit to pair them with.  Tonight was one of my last Trend meetings, so it was the perfect occasion to wear them.  I decided to go with an edgier professional look complete with a thread-wrapped necklace, leather affirmation cuffs, and a graphic tee.







Franco Sarto Wedge Boots, Black Blazer (Similar), Black Skirt, Graphic Tee (Similar), BCBG “Fearless” Affirmation Bracelet, BCBG Turnlock Cuff

These boots will go with so much and they were definitely my best purchase of the trip!  Also, please excuse my pasty legs–I didn’t have the typical sunshine filled spring break.  Hopefully next time you see me I will be looking spring-ready!




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