laid-back lace: t-shirt scarf DIY

Hello, hello.

With my three week break between the ending of classes and the beginning of my internship, I promised to get a few DIYs in.  With only eight days left at home, it’s been a slow start, but I’ve finished the first one and I plan to get a few more in before the big move to Madison!

I’ve been pretty indecisive about what DIY I should do next.  I wanted to do something that would be easy, not take a lot of time and/0r resources, and something that I would actually use. I started scanning through my DIY board on pinterest, but I’ve found that so many of the crafts that I’ve pinned have dead links–which means I have to play it by ear and make it up as I go.  I settled on an upcycled t-shirt made into a lace infinity scarf.  The best part?  It’s just three easy steps!


-Old T-shirt

-Lace (I used a chunk I had gotten at a second hand store previously, but you can definitely use some off the bolt and just cut it to size.

-Fabric Scissors


-Sewing Machine, Thread


1. Cut your shirt straight across under the sleeves. You’ll be using the bottom section as the scarf–if it’s too long for your liking, cut off a few more inches.


2. Along the cut edge, position where you want to put your lace (assuming your lace is already cut, like mine).  You can align it with the edge like a patch, or let it fold under one edge, like I did.  Once you pick your placement, pin it in place.  You’ll want to pin on top, since you’ll be topstitching it on, more or less.


My folded under edge.

Pin from the top if you fold the edge over.

Pin from the top if you fold the edge over.

Finished look pinned into place--note that the lace is only a section on the scarf and it doesn't span from edge to edge.  It's okay if yours does, but it doesn't have to either.

Finished look pinned into place–note that the lace is only a section on the scarf and it doesn’t span from edge to edge. It’s okay if yours does, but it doesn’t have to either.

3. Using a matching thread to the lace and a zig-zag stitch, topstitch along the edge of the lace, sewing it down to the base of the scarf.  If you find that the lace is loose in the middle, tack it down in a few places so it remains secured.

Done!  Now you’ve got yourself an adorable, light-weight, lace, summer-friendly scarf! (<<<how’s that for adjectives?)





Cute, right?  Also, I’m sure you were admiring that adorable satchel of mine.  I picked that up at a cute second-hand store in Burlington this week.  Only $2.50.  Score.

I promise I’ll get a couple more projects in before my internship begins!

Until next time–



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