tying times.

Happy Memorial Day!

It’s pretty much felt like monsoon season for the past week and a half in Iowa.  This has led to much boredom and being cooped up indoors–which is convenient, because then I’m forced to do some crafting.  Lucky for you, it rained this morning, so I did another t-shirt DIY.  This one gives a playful update to an old or over-sized t-shirt.  I picked my all-too-large Trend t-shirt that I rarely wear since it’s practically a dress on me.  Let’s get started.

All you need is a pair of fabric scissorsa t-shirt, measuring tape, and a few pins.

Optional:  a cute kitty to shed on your t-shirt.



Okay, let’s do this thing.



I did updates to my tee to make it more me.  First, I tied up the sleeves.  Second, I turned it into a tie-waist crop top.  You don’t have to do both, so I’ll split up the steps.


Start by laying out your first sleeve so the shoulder seam is laying flat in the middle.  Then, measure an inch down from the sleeve attachment seam and place a pin there.  Do this on both sleeves.



Now, measure across the bottom of the sleeve and mark the middle with a pin.  I pinned slightly to the left of the middle, since I’ll need to cut up the middle next.



Cut up the middle of the sleeve (only the top layer) stopping just short of the first pin you placed.  Do this on both sleeves.



Remove the pins and make a small double-knot with the edges you just cut.  Pull very tightly so it holds.



Tie Waist Crop Top

Start by putting your t-shirt on and finding your natural waistline.  If you’re unsure of where that is, tilt to one side, and where your side creases in is generally where your waistline lies.  Tie the measuring tape around your waist.  Then, place a pin on one side about an inch below your waistline (where the tape is).



Lay the shirt flat again.  Measure along the side how far up you placed the pin, then place a pin on the opposite side the same distance up.



Now, cut up the side seam up to the pin on each side.



Fold up the front half to get it out of the way.  Use the line it creates as a guide to cut the back bottom half off, going from pin to pin.



Here is where I evidently stopped taking pictures, so I’ll try to be extra descriptive!  Kind of dropped the ball on that one–but you’re almost done anyway!

Lay the front of the shirt flat again.  Measure across the bottom to find the middle of the shirt.  Cut up the middle in a straight line going slightly past the point where the back has been cut.  Then, you’re going to continue the cut you made on the back across the front, but angling downward toward the middle.

I found a similar picture online.  I did curved angles more than straight lines–but either will do!

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 6.57.25 PM


Then tie up the waist, double-knot it, and rock your new tied crop top tee!









Super cute, right?  And it’s super easy.  It’s a little shorter than I anticipated, so I’ll likely be wearing it with high waisted skirts at all times.

I have at least one more DIY planned for this week before I head off to Madison!

Until next time–




Any thoughts?

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