style crossover: cotton candy.


Hello, hello!

Let me start off by saying that I just realized that I have only one more month left of my internship.  One.  Like thirty days.  One month left in Wisconsin.  One month left at Lands’ End.

I’m pretty bummed–

But on to the good stuff :)

I’m pretty sure after Ali first took my blog pictures–nearly two months ago now–she got bit by the blogging bug.  Or at least, the fashion-picture-taking-bug.  I swear she comes up with more ideas than I do for outfits, locations, and shoots we can do.  So naturally, I had to feature her in my next fashion post.  Although Ali and I share many of the same favorite retailers (Gap, among others), we dress nothing alike.  I’m pretty sure she laughs at half the stuff I leave the apartment wearing.  But, there is one thing that we have in common:  our love of bows.  Although you probably can’t tell from denim vests two and three, I love to dress super girly–not all the time–but on that rare occasion.  I also just so happened to get Ali an adorable sleeveless aqua bow dress for her birthday that just so happened to come in the mail yesterday, so we just had to take advantage of it.

After work, we hauled ass over to the nearby park, since it was supposed to start raining later.

*Spoiler alert:  We didn’t beat the rain.*








Warby Parker Glasses, Lauren Conrad Pink Dress, Dorothy Perkins Aqua Dress, Dorothy Perkins Rhinestone Cuffs.

We may or may not have been caught under that arch for twenty minutes trying to wait out the storm…and we may or may not have ran two blocks through a downpour after the rain didn’t let up. Then we may or may not have gone to Olive Garden in our sweatpants because it rained on our nice clothes.

Well, time for me to catch up on The Bachelorette!  Next time I’ll have to tell you about my recent catfishing experience. Think less Mississippi River, and more the MTV show.

Until next time–




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