life happened.

Hello hello!

Sorry for the far too long hiatus, but it’s been a busy few weeks.  My internship has been absolutely insane and spoiler alert: I’m still loving every minute of it.  I only have 3 weeks left and worse yet–I start school exactly 3 weeks from today.  I’m not exactly looking forward to going back.  It’ll be nice to see my friends again and I’ll try to enjoy my last semester, but there is no way to make 19 credits sound pretty.  On the plus side, I’m going to be a teaching assistant for retail math, which will actually be really fun, since I love math and I practically have teaching in my blood.  But all in all, I’ll be sad to leave the city, the company, and the people I’ve grown to love.

Last week was the intern project presentations.  We had been working on them the entire month of July and we presented them in front of the company’s executives.  It was an exhausting month filled was much frustration, interspersed with the occasional drink, but it went really well in the end.  We had the fewest questions asked to our group and I was able to answer the one question directed towards me–so I’ll define that as successful.  I’m just glad to be done.

Lauren and I after our presentation

Lauren and I after our presentation

Another exciting bit of news–this Thursday and Friday I get to travel with the men’s team to Chicago for the merchant shopping trip.  I’m super stoked to go and it’ll be a nice little end cap on my internship experience.

Jumping topics now!

Remember last time when I mentioned a story about catfishing?  Let’s dive into that now.  In a nutshell–a large nutshell, a coconut shell if you will–someone was using pictures from my blog on a fake facebook account.  Someone messaged me on my blog’s facebook page tipping me off that a profile was using many of my pictures.  I reported the profile several times and it has finally been removed.  But the real kicker here–actually there’s two–but the first?  The pictures they used were awful.  Just awful.  The profile picture was of me in sweats, no make-up, and holding a mini cheesecake. Of course.  On top of that, the fake me was messaging the girl who gave me the tip and was hitting on her.  Even strangers think I pass as a lesbian…awesome.

On a happier note, I visited Mallory this past weekend in Iowa City.  We had beach day and martini night.  And it was fantastic.  And if you live in Iowa and like a good martini, go to the Liquid Lounge in Cedar Rapids.  Seriously.  The Sweettart martini goes down like water–but better ;)







I think I’ve pretty much covered the bases from the last few weeks.  Tomorrow Ali, Kast, and I are having our last big hang out before I move.  I’m sure there will be lots of pictures to come.  I leave Madison this Saturday since Kast’s lease ends next week.  It’ll be a sad ending to a wonderful summer.  Living with Kast has been so easy.  Guys are easy to live with in general.  I seriously can not wait to live with a guy again.  It’s the best.  I’ll miss Kast and I’ll miss seeing Ali all the time.  It’s been great.  Okay, enough with that before I cry.

Until next time–




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