beginning of the end.

I feel like every post I’ve done this summer has started with “Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past several weeks, but…”.  Yikes.  Well, sorry folks, this one is no different.

Since I’ve last logged on, I’ve moved.  Twice.

I’ve gotten lost.  Multiple times.

I’ve travelled a ridiculous distance to go to a wedding.  It was beautiful.

I had a hole pierced into my body.  On purpose.

I received the intern scholarship.  One of three.

And I’m just five days away from being done at Lands’ End.

I don’t know how this all happened so fast.  I just hope the next 4 months go by just as fast.

Let me explain a little more.

Since Kast’s lease ended in the middle of last week, last weekend I moved into a very tiny town on the other side of Dodgeville with some family.  It’s been quite different from Madison, mainly in my shorter commute and my frequent panic attacks from getting lost.  Speaking of getting lost–I started running last week.  Let me preface this by saying I am not much of a runner.  I’m not fast.  I have no endurance.  I’m just your run-of-the-mill last pick in gym class.  But if anyone recalls my bucket list, I want to run a 5K.  I know what you’re thinking.  “A 5K?  That’s nothing.”  And I’ll agree with you.  Except I’ve never done one.  And I’m not a runner.  It’ll be a stepping stone.  I’ll do a 5K.  Then I’ll do another to beat my time.  Maybe, I’ll do a few more.  But then, I’ll train for bigger things.  No, I’ll never do a marathon and I really wouldn’t want to anyway.  But I just want to be in a routine of being fit, so it’s second nature.

So as I was saying, I started running.  So when I moved out into the middle of nowhere, I was a teensy bit hesitant to go on a run.  I asked my cousin what roads would be best to go on and from what I gathered, I should pretty much run in the shape of an “L”, turn around, and come back.  Although, I turned too soon on my way back.  And ran.  And ran.  And walked.  And ran.  There were many hills–more than I remembered.  There were many unfamiliar dogs chasing me.  I continued to run because I really didn’t understand that I turned too soon.  I truly thought I was retracing my steps.  Then I hit a stop sign and knew it was wrong.  So I stopped at the fanciest house on the road, because really–what fancy folks would steal a sweaty girl?  After they figured out I had no idea what I was talking about/where I was going/what I was doing, they gave me a ride back to the house.  Wisconsin people are just the nicest.  Since then, I’ve worked out in the Comer Center at LE.  Safer choice.

Thursday was the intern commencement lunch.  Many of the interns start school this week and left a week early, so they moved it up.  It was then that they announced the 3 scholarship winners as well as the 3 mentors who received awards based on the intern nominations.  I won the intern scholarship and Eric got a best mentor award.  We were the only team to receive both.  The dream team.  We also dressed uncannily similar that day.  This is my last week at Lands’ End.  It’ll be really sad to go.  I’ve met so many great people and made so many friends.  It’ll be really hard to leave the job that I love and return to school (and work in retail).  I’m going to make the most of my last week.  It’s been the best summer.


This weekend, I went to my former roommate, McKenzie’s wedding in Orange City, IA.  If you don’t know where that is, it’s on the northwest side, nowhere near Wisconsin.  Friday after work I drove down to Ames.  I met up with Emily (my roommate in the fall) and we stayed at her grandma’s that night.  Oh, and we also each got our tragus pierced.  We moved into our apartment Saturday morning and then drove to Orange City in the afternoon for the wedding that evening.  If this sounds like a lot of driving, it’s because it is.

The wedding was absolutely perfect.  She looked stunning in her dress.  They cried.  Everyone else cried.  Michael busted a serious move.  Emily and I attempted the living room routine.  There was an open bar.  It was just fantastic.  Unfortunately, the pictures I got, well, sucked, for lack of a better word.  The lighting and my camera didn’t get along.  But here is what I got–

Sadly, this is the worst picture we've ever taken together.

Sadly, this is the worst picture we’ve ever taken together.

Michael and I

Michael and I

The roommates

The roommates



It was great getting to see everyone, but it was such an exhausting weekend.  I spent roughly 16 hours in the car over a 48 hour time span.  Yikes.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted.  I need to rest up for my last week.

Until next time–




Any thoughts?

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