the one with all the star crunches.

Greetings from Ames.

Meh.  It sounds even worse when I say it.  That’s right, I’m officially moved back into school–and I start class on Monday.  Coming off of such a great experience at Lands’ End makes this final semester seem even worse.

Friday was my last day of my fantastic 12 week internship.  It seriously was the most incredible experience.  I learned so much, but probably the most important thing I learned–that I actually like merchandising.  I was so scared going into it that I’d find out I hate merchandising and I’d have to stay in school even longer trying to find something else I want to do.  Although I already knew this to an extent, my experience further solidified that your coworkers make or break your experience at a job.  Thankfully, mine was the former, which made work fun to go to even when I had a lot to do.  I know I have said this approximately 3,871 times, and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ll say it either, but Eric was the best mentor ever.  But he wasn’t just my mentor, he was also my friend.  We were the dream team and come Monday when I’m in class rather than working across from him, it’s really going to set in how much I’ll miss him.

I made it clear to just about everybody how much I want to come back after graduation, so hopefully it won’t be the last they see of me.  I got to work on so many cool projects and work with ridiculously talented people.  That’s all I could really ask for at the end of the day.

On my last day I did my final presentation to the men’s team.  It went alright, considering I hate presenting.  Since Fridays are shortened days, I spent most of the time cleaning up my desk.  I went downstairs in the morning to get coffee, and when I came back up to my desk, they had decorated it with exactly 120 star crunches and a giant bag of pull n peel twizzlers.  My coworkers know me all too well.  The star crunches should last me through the semester, or next week at least…


After work, Bridget, Eric, and I ate lunch before I headed back to Ames.  I’m pretty proud though, I managed to not cry until I got in the car.  And I may or may not have cried all the way to Platteville.

Bridget and I

Bridget and I

Eric and I

Eric and I

High school musical jumping attempt.  I just had to...

High school musical jumping attempt. I just had to…

The only thing that really made me feel a little more at home in Ames was my Wisconsin Field Issue Crew arriving within an hour of my being there.  (Also, isn’t that model just delicious?) Oh believe me, I will be repping Wisconsin ALL over the ISU campus this fall.

Photo on 2013-08-23 at 21.34 #4

It was an incredible summer.  To my surprise, I absolutely loved Wisconsin and I hope I can go back again.  I’ll miss a lot of things about it, which I know will make this upcoming semester really tough.  I’ll just try to stay focused on my end goal and sail through.

In other news, I just saw “Now You See Me”.  If you haven’t seen it, all you really need to know is it’s a thrilling story of how Jesse Eisenberg manages to make really bad facial hair look sexy.

Until next time–




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