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Hey ladies and gents,

School has been pretty rough so far.  But if we’re looking at this from a glass-half-full standpoint, I’m so busy I hardly have time to think about how bad it is.  My life has been all over the place as of late, and the past three weeks have been such a whirlwind.  I’ll make this quick, since I only have an hour blocked out of my day to write this.  Some new developments of the semester:

-I’m a pretty badass TA for retail math.  I shocked myself when I actually remembered everything and I was able to answer everyone’s questions.  I even met with a student the other day to help her with a lab and it took only five minutes – I’m that good.

-I already had my first mental breakdown of the semester.  Lots of crying in my room, trying to be quiet, so I don’t bother my roommates.  (I know, I’m ridiculously considerate, even when life is falling apart.  I should put that on my resume…) But I woke up the next morning with a message from Eric (my mentor from Lands’ End – you all remember him, yes?) and it made me feel loads better.  It’s just been a rough transition from working at a job I love to being in school again.

-When faced with the choice between working out and ice cream, I choose ice cream.  Always ice cream.  Even when Emily and I are sitting in the gym outside of the room for piloxing, I still may have chosen to leave and drove to Coldstone. May have…

-I somehow got suckered into being a live model for the fashion illustration class.  I was panicking all week about it.  The idea of standing in front of 20 or so girls for two hours a week in a tiny leotard just terrified me.  Today was my first day and it wasn’t too bad.  I mean, besides the fact that there are three guys in there, one of which I’ve had a crush on, for like, ever, I did fine.  I was a little too busy concentrating on keeping my foot from cramping and pulling a muscle in my leg than on the fact I was hardly clothed.  Also, here’s a tip:  if you ever have to stay posed for long periods of time, a good distraction is singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in your head over and over again.  Takes the pain of holding a pose for 10 minutes right away.

Alrighty, on to the good stuff.  There is nothing I love more in fashion than contrast.  I love pairing lace with leather, vests with frocks, bows with studs – well, you get the picture.  I like breaking the norms and keeping people guessing.  So naturally, I’m obsessed with pairing feminine and masculine elements in my outfits.  I get most of my fashion inspiration from menswear as is, I don’t even think twice about it anymore.  This week, I paired a boxy graphic tee with my favorite, ultra-feminine high-waisted shorts.  And in true Kaylee fashion, I slipped into some ankle boots and called it “fall” (even though it was 90 out…).  Worth it?  See for yourself.













H&M Graphic Tee, Forever 21 Shorts, Target Ankle Boots (similar), Forever 21 Scarf (similar), New York & Company Aviators, Target Tote, Fossil Watch (similar),  American Eagle Buckle Bracelet, Lauren Conrad Earrings.

Until next time–



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3 thoughts on “get graphic.

  1. love the outfit. Didnt actually realise how good orange and red looks together, till now that is haha
    I’m a Swedish fashion student based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog

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