creativity block.



Hey there.

For the past week, I’ve been in the worst creativity block – creativity in my projects, in my portfolio, and in my writing.  It’s been a real problem, considering it’s a necessity in my major to always have those creative juices flowing.  Since I’ve been having issues all week, everything – of course – has been pushed off until today, leaving me with quite the to-do list.  In short, I’ll make this one super quick! (That’s what she said…)

I dyed my hair last week.  Does that look blonde to you?  Yehh, I didn’t think so either.  So be it, I guess.  I’ve had dark hair and I know I look fine with it.  I’ll just have to be more clear in the future with my expectations.  When I have dark hair, I like to play up my looks with bolder tones, specifically those in the jewel realm.  As not to over-do it, I went with my go-to dress – a cream, lacy sheath I snagged at Kohl’s for 80 cents about two years back.  (You heard me right.  Thrifty should be my middle name.)  I dressed up the look with an Egyptian-inspired thread-wrapped necklace, a knotted belt, stackable bracelets, and my favorite ankle boots.  It was the perfect combination for a sunny, pre-fall day.













Daisy Fuentes Dress | Lands’ End Belt | Target Necklace and Bracelets | River Island Ankle Boots | Portobello Road Earrings

Time for me to get crackin’ for this global sourcing exam.  I’ll accept any study tips below :)

Until next time–




Any thoughts?

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