something borrowed.


Hey there, stylish guys and gals!

I’m finally having a half decent week!  I’m still crazy busy, but things are finally looking up and my attempt at positivity has been moderately successful.  One of the main reasons I’m still alive and kickin’ this semester is because of my stellar roommates.  Although it’s not quite like having your own place, having roommates can be pretty great.  You always have someone there to bounce ideas of off.  You have a guaranteed workout buddy.  And if you’re not in the working out mood, an ice cream buddy.  You have someone to eat the other half of your frozen pizzas, since you hate them warmed up.  There always happens to be milk in the refrigerator, even when you run out.

It’s great.  But as much as I love all of these things, I think my favorite thing about having a roommate is sharing closets.  Emily and I work well as roommates for many reasons, but it’s particularly great that we share similar taste in clothing.  I’d say I’m a little more out there and take more risks, but we tend to like the same things.  And of course when I say “tend”, I mean we really own all of the same things.



I know, how cool are we? All nerdiness aside, it’s fantastic that we like the same things.  So naturally, the borrowing has already begun.  This week, I was digging through her scarves and stumbled upon a magenta and gold, patterned masterpiece.  I knew I’d have to incorporate it into tomorrow’s outfit somehow, so I could feature it on a fashion fix.  I’m still absolutely obsessed with that scarf–especially because I found out that it’s from Forever 21.  It’s super durable and because of the pattern and colors, I figured she got it abroad.  Forever 21 finally got something right for once.





Feed + Target Chambray Shirt | Forever 21 Scarf | New York & Co. Shorts | Lands’ End Belt | Target Booties | Target Socks |Lauren Conrad Bracelets | Francesca’s Earrings |Vintage Sunglasses

I better get back to studying!

Until next time–



P.S. I forgot to tell you all that I’m officially now a part of Midwest Style Bloggers!  Quite exciting!

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