fleeting fall.


If you love fall as much as I do, you probably often get the feeling that once fall gets here – it’s gone.  Am I right?  Just a few posts ago I was chatting about transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall.  Now, here I am telling you to take that fantastic fall wardrobe of yours and move it into winter.

Kind of disgusting, right?

It’s officially hit below freezing in Iowa and I may have had a snowflake or twelve pelt me in the face on my walk back from class today.  As frustrating as it is, I am not  ready to let winter win just yet.  Well, mother nature – I see you with your sleet, whipping wind, and frozen flurries.  Now I match you with my slate, sequined beret, Mary Margaret-from-Once Upon A Time-esque peacoat, loaded-up layers, leather boots, and fierce facade.  Because really, there are few people more terrifying than a woman who ruins a perfectly good outfit because of the weather.

There is a point to this nonsensical, talking in circles madness, I promise.  Don’t you just hate it when a perfectly good – excuse me – fan-freaking-tastic wardrobe goes to waste because of the woes of winter?  Winter often leaves me feeling plump from the layers [okay, okay…and the treats] and unoriginal due to the dull and limited options the weather restrains me to.

I’m calling an end to this.

This winter, I’ve decided to make it my mission to look not just good, but fabulous every day.  I want to prove that you can look fierce, sophisticated, and extraordinary during the dreary months of the year, while still keeping warm.  And I’ll let you hold me to it.

Without further ado, my first fall to winter transition:






Target Peacoat | Lands’ End Canvas Shirt Dress (similar) | New York & Co. Cardigan | Target Sweater Tights | Target Leather Boots (similar) | Lands’ End Belt | Target Scarf | Target Sequin Beret

On a side note, over half of my outfit is from Target.  Hello, affordable fashion!

How are you going to transition your wardrobe for the weather this winter?

Until next time–




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