mixing the basics.


It’s no new news that I’m a little obsessed with denim.  All I can ever talk about is the versatility of chambray, how much I love my Always Skinnies from Gap, and the benefits of a good denim jacket.  So, the other day I decided to finally quantify my obsession by counting how much denim I actually own.  It was a little sad to be honest.  It might seem excessive, but I seriously wear it all the time.  I ended up with 3 chambray shirts, 3 denim vests, 2 denim jackets, 3 chambray dresses, 1 pair of denim TOMS, and 1 denim blouse.  I guess the surprising thing would be that I only own 3 pairs of regular jeans (not including colored denim).  I wear chinos and khakis so often that 3 pairs are sufficient.  But overall, whoa.  I’m not going to sit here and justify each one, although, I totally could.  But I will say that having such an array of similar staples makes mixing and matching your wardrobe ridiculously easy.  This semester, I haven’t worn the same outfit twice.  No, not because I have an excessive amount of clothes (I have the tiniest closet at school, believe me), but because I know how to style my wardrobe in unique ways that I perhaps may not originally think to do.  This can be especially difficult in the winter, as the weather limits our options.

In the winter, I think I take the most fashion risks when it comes to occasion dressing.  I like to mix the high and low, the dressy with the casual, to create the most interesting looks.  Chambray is a fun piece to work with, as it can work on so many levels of dress.  Recently, I paired my newest addition to my denim collection with a flirty skirt and jacket combo from Express, some sweater tights, and simple leather boots.  On a side note, my hair is finally long enough to put up!  Hurray!  (Let’s ignore the 12+ bobbypins holding it in place…)







Gap Western Chambray Shirt | Express Striped A-line Skirt (similar) | Express [Minus the] Leather Jacket | Target Sweater Tights | Payless Boots (similar) | Lauren Conrad Heart Earrings | Madewell Rings

If you like the top, it’s only $24.99 at Gap!

How are you mixing up your wardrobe?

Until next time–




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