the one with the farmer’s market.


Ah, the farmer’s market.  There’s something so refreshing and fun about going to the farmer’s market, even when you’re broke and can’t buy anything.  Last weekend I went to the farmer’s market in Downtown Des Moines with Mary on Saturday morning.  It was super chilly out and the wind was atrocious, but holy power rangers did we have fun.  I love just walking around, listening to the music, drinking a chai tea, having a heart attack over all the dogs in sweaters and taking it all in.  It was a great way to start off my weekend.

Since we were in a beautiful location and there were so many sweater-clad dogs, we couldn’t help but snap a million pictures.  Here are a few of my faves:






For the fun Saturday in the city, I donned my all-time favorite sweater.  My oversized BCBGeneration sweater that Abby gave me for my birthday is the best.  It’s the perfect weight for 3 seasons and it’s the most outrageously comfortable thing you will ever hope to wear.  It’s ginormous, (yehh, I said it) so I will literally never grow out of it.  Mark my words, if I ever have children, I will be wearing that sucker throughout the pregnancy, after the pregnancy, and for forever and eternity.  Going too far?  Not far enough.  I feel more strongly about this sweater than I do about most people.  It’s the freaking best.  Chic, cozy, and oh-so-adorable.  And Mary said I looked like a movie star walking around, so double win.

This was just one of those outfits that I felt like I could rule the world in.  You know, that perfect-storm-type-day where it just so happens that you’re wearing your favorite top, jeans, and shoes at the same time?   That was this day.  I was in my all time favorite sweater, my tightest jeans, my favorite ankle boots, and glam sunglasses.  I love this look since it’s mixing high and low fashion at its finest.  I love my BCBG sweater, but I don’t love it because it’s BCBG, I love it because it’s comfortable and so me.  In nearly every outfit, I’m wearing primarily Target and Gap.  To me, the name brands don’t matter.  If you can rock it into people thinking it’s expensive, then, my friend, you’ve succeeded.







BCBGeneration Sweater | Gap Super Skinny Jeans | Zara Utility Coat | Target Ankle Booties (similar) | Target Knitted Socks (similar) | Target Satchel | Target Scarf | Forever 21 Sunglasses (similar) | Lauren Conrad Earrings

Well, I have a super fun DIY coming up, so stay tuned!

Until next time–




3 thoughts on “the one with the farmer’s market.

  1. Aww, well I see why you love that sweater: it simultaneously looks great and super comfortable! Love those kinds of sweaters. There are so many dogs and babies at the Farmers’ Market! Once I even saw the worlds collide with a dog in a stroller.

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