the one with the much needed update

Hey there folks!!

Okay, now I can say it’s officially been way too long since we last chatted–two weeks to be exact.  I’m very sorry for the drastic time lapse since I last posted, but things have been crazy as of late.  Let me fill you in…

Currently, I’m on Thanksgiving break.  It’s gone way too fast and I’m sad that I’m no longer at home with my kitties and my family.  You’d think since I’m on break that I’d feel relaxed and ready to face my final three weeks of school [ever], but that’s sadly not the case.  I’ve been busy with projects galore, the occasional shift at Bath & Body Works, my roommate’s 21st birthday, and the all-too-stressful job hunt.  Let’s start with Emily’s birthday, although it’s not the first event in the sequence of the past two weeks.  Emily turned 21 last Friday.  On Thursday, Emily, Kayla, and I went to dinner at Olive Garden and went to see Catching Fire at 9:00 (since apparently a midnight showing isn’t enough for people nowadays…).  Catching Fire was so great and I particularly loved it since it’s my favorite book in the series.  We were planning to go out afterward, but it decided to be a baby blizzard outside, so I stayed in.

The moment she turned 21.

The moment she turned 21.


Now let’s jump back a few days.  About a week and a half ago, I drove up to Madison to interview at Lands’ End.  It was the middle of the week, and it’s been about three months since I was last there, so it felt weird to be there.  Not bad, just weird.  I stayed with Kast, my roommate from this summer, and drove to Dodgeville for the interview the next day.  After my interview, I got to eat lunch with Bridget, one of my favorite people from my men’s team.  I also got to see Eric for a short 30 minutes, but it was still great seeing him!  Afterward, I drove back to Ames–keep it mind it’s still the middle of the week.  Getting out of my regular routine is what sparked a serious case of senioritis.  I’ve been pretty useless the past week or so.  I can’t get motivated.  It’s so unlike me.  It’s good there are only three weeks left, because I’ve been on the never ending struggle bus lately.

I went home for a few days for Thanksgiving and I was really looking forward to some relaxing time with my family.  I didn’t really get that, but it all turned out okay in the end.  I did a lot of homework, ran errands, and at the same time, I feel like I got nothing done.  But on the super positive side of things, Lands’ End called and offered me a job–and I accepted!  Starting mid-January, I’ll be the Assistant Merchant for Women’s XR (plus sizes).  I’m excited, but mostly I’m just relieved to be done with this crazy post-graduation job hunt.  The last week brought a lot of things:  birthdays, Thanksgiving, a job offer, lots of food, and family time.  I sure have a lot to be thankful for.

At home with my oldest friend.  Chee is 15 this year!

At home with my oldest friend. Chee is 15 this year!

Mallory with Chee.

Mallory with Chee.

Me with my baby.

Me with my baby.

It's so blurry, but I love this one--Chee giving Mallory a kiss.

It’s so blurry, but I love this one–Chee giving Mallory a kiss.

So what’s next?  I still have a research project, a presentation, a merchandising directive, and four exams standing between me and my diploma.  Three weeks from today I’ll be done with school, I’ll graduate, and I’ll be moving out of Ames.  That’s a lot to take in.  I better get to work.

Also, I can’t make any promises about when I’ll blog again.  I’m mighty close to my storage limit and won’t be able to buy any storage for another few weeks.  I’ll try my best though!

Until next time–




3 thoughts on “the one with the much needed update

  1. Ah congrats! :D That’s so exciting! I graduated over 2 years ago now and I still haven’t found a job I actually want to work, I’ve been trying to leave my current job more or less since I started it but it’s just impossible (although I think I may have just bagged myself something awesome, fingers crossed!)

    Good luck with the rest of your diploma and with the new job!

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