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Hey there!

For all of you college students out there, you’re probably aware that it’s hell finals week.  It’s been insanely busy for me, as I’m sure it is for many of you.  It’s been a tough balancing act lately, trying to find time to study for finals in between the packing, graduation prep, cleaning, and last-minute lunch dates with friends I’ll no longer see on a regular basis.  It’s still a very odd concept to me that I graduate in two days and to be honest, I don’t really believe it yet.  I don’t feel old enough to graduate, nor am I sophisticated, wise or even ready enough to be done with college.  It’s kind of funny – for so long, I’ve been so ready to be done with school.  Now that I’m almost done, it’s sad.  Not in the way it’s sad for most people, but it’s sad in a scary and realistic way.  It’s sad that I won’t see people that I’ve come to call my best friends on a regular basis – or even a semi-regular basis.  I feel like the amount of times I’ll see some of these friends after I graduate, I’ll be able to count on one hand.  And that’s sad.  It’s sad that I’m closing the chapter on the one thing I’ve always been good at in my life – academics.  Even when my personal life, well,  sucked – for lack of a better word – I still knew that I’d have school to rely on.  I always do well and I always succeed.  It’s kind of sad that I don’t have that to rely on anymore.  I guess that’s what growing up is all about.

Now enough of the sad things, and onto some brighter topics.  Before finals week started, Mary and I had our last official hangout before I move away.  We went downtown, got cupcakes, met Santa (for real though), got coffee and just sat around in my apartment.  It was an excellent day.  When we were on Main Street, we naturally had to get in one last session of blog pictures.  She’s been my unofficial photographer this entire semester.  She’s braved just about every kind of weather.  She’s the best and I’ll definitely miss her (for more reasons than just that!).  Gosh, I somehow made that into a really depressing paragraph too.  Seriously, I’ll try to stop…

Even though it was absolutely frigid outside, I decided to ditch the peacoat and go for a little edgier of a look for the afternoon.  I stepped out in my favorite booties, a blocked skirt, and my go-to denim jacket worn not so much as a jacket than as a shirt.  I tossed on some colorful accessories and got my cupcake on.







American Eagle Denim Jacket | Express Striped Skirt (similar) | Target Ankle Booties | David Bitton Buffalo Necklace | Target Tee | Target Satchel | Topshop Socks | BCBGeneration Teardrop Ring | Warby Parker Sinclair Frames in Burgundy Fade

Note: The American Eagle Jacket is currently on sale for less than $30!

Things are about to get really real, really fast.  After graduation, I’ll spend a little time at home, then I’ll be moving up to Madison to start my big girl job.  As always, feel free to follow my journey as I navigate the real world – enjoy my crazy stories on being a single 20-something in a new city, interspersed with frequent fashion fixes and the occasional DIY project.  Hopefully I’ll get the time to start sewing again too!

Until next time–





4 thoughts on “denim destination.

  1. I love this outfit. I have a striped skirt from eshakti that’s very similar. Thanks for sharing this awesome way to wear it, I never thought of pairing it with a jean jacket.

    • Oh you’re welcome! I’ve had this jacket for a few years now and never though of wearing it that way until it was frigid outside. But it’ll be a cute way to style an outfit in the spring too!

  2. Ah this outfit is so cute! Love the frilly touch with the socks. :)

    I felt the same when I graduated, it’s scary and daunting and you never feel quite ready. I also don’t really see the people from my university all that often (boo!), but when we do meet up it’s like we’ve never been apart! Good luck with the job and congrats on graduating!! :D

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