beauty review: urban decay eye shadow primer

Hello friends!

As 2013 comes to a close, I can’t help but being a teensy bit nostalgic as I think back on the crazy wonderful year I’ve had.  I’m closing the year in a similar manner to last year:  sitting at Steph’s house in the Quad Cities, blogging, and getting ready for a fun New Year’s Eve.  Although this year, I’m hoping I can stay up until midnight unlike last year…

I’ve accomplished quite a bit.  2013 was a year that, as a child, I looked to thinking of how far away it would be and it seemed like it would never get here– yet it has.  This year, I turned 21.  I had my internship.  I graduated.  I landed my first real job.  And in between all of those huge milestones, I made a lot of friends, was picked up by the naked cowboy in New York, saw Aaron Carter in concert (making all of my childhood dreams come true), served as the menswear editor for Trend, modeled one last time, lived at 5 different addresses, and grew up a lot.  It’s been a great year, and I’m excited for what the next year holds for me.

Tonight, Steph’s New Year’s Eve party is a pajama party.  It will be fun, but I was really hoping for the excuse to dress up super sassy or classy.  Regardless, I decided to do my makeup as such.  I recently tried out Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer in Greed and I’ve been in love ever since.  When it comes to makeup, I don’t necessarily play it safe, but I like what I like and I stick to it.  I’ve been using the same foundation since I was 16; the same eyeliner since I was 14.  Not because I’m reluctant to change, but because they work and I’m afraid to branch out from what works.

So when I discovered this eye shadow primer and it’s pure magnificence, I realized that the reason that I’m afraid to try out new things is because it’s expensive to toy with makeup and you don’t want to waste money on something you will end up not liking.  The whole reason I tried out this product in the first place was because my sister gave it to me since she didn’t use much gold in her makeup anymore.  Having a good personal testimony from someone you trust always encourages you to try something new that you normally wouldn’t – and that’s what I’m deciding to start a new series of posts:  the beauty reviews.  No, I’m not a beauty expert by any means, but I’ve always had a passion for makeup and I think that my exploration of new beauty products will bring an honest voice to the table.  So for my first review, I figured I’d do it in honor of the product that sparked my interest in this trying of new things:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Greed

photo 1

To be honest, this was the first time I’d ever used an eye shadow primer–or any primer that is.  I was pleasantly surprised.  You know when you’re scrolling through Pinterest and you see those smokey eye tutorials and you try to recreate it and it looks nothing like the picture?  It probably faded after a few hours making you look more like a hungover party girl than a posh supermodel?  I feel you– there are few things worse than the fact that as the day goes on, your face looks more and more rough.  Enter – eye shadow primer.  This truly is the fix-all to your eye shadow issues.  Not only does it give you a great base, but it holds your shadow the entire day, making your eyes look bright and wide awake from the moment you apply to the second you take it off.  Intriguing?  Read on.

Urban Decay has a few different Eyeshadow Primers in various tones including an original, champagne shimmer, a nude matte finish, and a gold shimmer (what I have).  Greed, the gold shimmer, is a particularly great option for those who want it to serve as double duty as a primer and an eye color.  I’ve used it for the past week and have yet to be let down.  It works well for smokey eyes and the natural look, alike.  The luster is a very balanced mix of shimmer and shine with a very smooth consistency.  The gold isn’t overwhelming bold, but it does give your eyes the perfect amount of pop!  

Urban Decay is reasonably priced as a “better” brand with the eyeshadow primers running at $20.  If you think you like the gold shimmer, fortunately, Greed is on sale on their website for only $10.  If you think that $20 is a little pricey for a primer, let me assure you that it will last forever.  With this product, a little goes a long way.  Use just a dab the size of a small pebble for each eye and rub it onto your lid in a circular motion until it covers the lid and inner corners.  It should last you several months at the least.

So my overall review:

Pros: Great luster, lasts forever (both on your eye and in the bottle), makes your eyes pop, blendable, feels natural.

Cons: Could be considered “pricier”, you need to use a good makeup remover to get it off (a wet washcloth won’t cut it).

Here are a few shots of me wearing it this 4

photo 3

For pajama party New Year's Eve.

For pajama party New Year’s Eve.

So what do you think? Do you have a brand you like better?  Or a beauty product you’ve been dying to try that you would like to see reviewed? Feel free to comment below!

Until next time and next year–



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3 thoughts on “beauty review: urban decay eye shadow primer

  1. So pretty! I’ve always loved the look of urban decay items but never dared spend that much money…I usually go for Rimmel as I find it’s good quality but not too expensive. I got some Mac eyeshadow for christmas which is AMAZING but to me Mac is far too expensive and so would probably never buy it myself.

    Maybe I will splash out on some urban decay though…

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