beauty review: rimmel bb cream

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After a week with no car, cable, or internet, I’m glad to say I survived – but not without a great deal of boredom and 5 seasons of FRIENDS.  After doing my first beauty review about two weeks ago, I got on kind of a make-up kick and I’ve been wanting to try some new products for the new year.  Last weekend I decided to finally try out the thing I feel like everyone has been talking about:  bb cream.  Before I tested it out, I honestly wasn’t sure what it was or what it did.  I took a brand recommendation from my former roommate and went with Rimmel’s beauty balm.  It’s relatively inexpensive (around $7 at most stores), so I figured the risk was pretty minimal.

Before and After

Before and After

Rimmel’s BB cream is a “9 in 1” balm:  it primes, moisturizes, minimizes pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens, and helps protect with SPF 25 sunscreen.  It also claims to “last all day”.  I personally was a little skeptical that one product could do all of this, but I was delightfully surprised.  I had been looking for a face primer for awhile now, wanting something as good for my face as Urban Decay is for my eyes.  It does work well as a primer and makes my foundation last the entire day – which is great news since I’ll be starting my big girl job tomorrow.  I need to look fresh from 8 to 6!  In terms of moisturizing, it didn’t dry out my skin, but I’d recommend still using your daily moisturizer before applying the BB cream.  I can also say that it did the trick with concealing and covering.  As you can to tell from the before picture, my face is not doing so hot right now.  The stress of finishing school, moving, having my car die, and stressing about the start of my new job is definitely taking its toll.  I’ve been in the search for a new concealer lately since I’ve never found one that I absolutely love.  BB cream has proven very useful in covering up unwanted redness and blemishes.  I think the best part for me has been the brightening.  I’ve always loved the foundation I use, but using the BB cream underneath serves as the perfect highlighter to brighten my face all day long.  My face feels bright, smooth, and camera ready.

photo 1

photo 2_2

photo 3

Things I love: Makes my face smooth, bright, and even for all day wear.  It doesn’t dry my skin out, which most liquid products tend to do (I still use my Olay moisturizer every morning and at night since my skin is very dry).  Inexpensive.

Things I don’t love: The palest shade is “light”, which is still a smidgen too dark on me, looks a little heavy or “cakey” for the first 5 minutes or so, but settles nicely.

I’m definitely pleased with the outcome of this beauty experiment.  I really love the benefits of a BB cream and I am open to trying other brands in the future.

Do you use a BB cream?  If so, what brands do you like?

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